Your Little Princess will love these Little Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas!

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Little Mermaid birthday party

Last year we went to Disneyland and over at California Adventure they have a cute new Little Mermaid ride.  Ever since then, all my daughter can talk about is wanting to have a Little Mermaid birthday party for her 5th birthday.  I searched around and come up with a few fun ideas for a Little Mermaid birthday party.

First off we made the invitations.  This part was super easy and cheap.  I just typed up a basic invite on the computer and printed it off with a picture of the Little Mermaid on the bottom.  This is what it said…  (Also you could say to have the girls dress up as mermaids for the party)

Join us under the sea for a
Little Mermaid Adventure!
Our little mermaid is turning five and you are invited to the fun in the sea!

Here is the fun part though.  We got a bunch of empty water bottles and put a little sand in the bottom with a couple seashells we bought from a party store.  Then we rolled up the invite and tied it with some twine.  We dropped it in the bottle and delivered it to all her friends as “a message in a bottle.”  All the girls thought they were so cool.


For decorations I took some crepe paper and taped them to hang from the ceiling in our door way so the girls had to walk through the waterfall to come under the sea.


Then I taped balloons to the walls to create the bubbles all around us.


Each girl got a flower lei to where and take home.


We even had some fish join the party!


Now it was time for the Little Mermaid Birthday Party games and activities to begin!

  • First we blew bubbles while we waited for everyone to arrive.
  • Then we had a ring toss where they threw rings around an octopus.
  • We had a “Pin the Crown on Ariel”
  • And lastly we had a fish race.  On one end of the room we had a bowl of gold fish (or Swedish fish) and then on the other side of the room we had an empty bowl.  Then we split them up into two teams and gave each girl a spoon.  The object was to try and transfer the bowl of fish into the second bowl by running back and forth with spoonful’s of fish.  It was crazy and so much fun!

Sara at Dealicious Mom posted this super cute Jello fish bowl that is perfect for a Little Mermaid birthday party!


Then for the goodie bags! They were full of fish stickers, bubbles, Swedish fish and gold fish and some seashells.

Little mermaid birthday party favors


And of course it wouldn’t be a party without cake!


Notice the brown sugar for sand and the little Swedish fish around it!  So cute huh?  My mom always made us fun shaped cakes growing up and now that I have kids with allergies I always get to make special cakes for their birthdays instead of store bought ones.  And now my mom will come over and help me decorate the cakes for my kids.  It’s starting to be a fun tradition.

I hope you love these ideas for a Little Mermaid birthday party!

I love letting my kids have themed birthday parties.  So far we have done princess, under the sea, a jungle theme and a Mickey Mouse party.  My little boy is already talking about having a Lightning McQueen party for his 3rd birthday.

What types of parties do you have for your kids?  I’d love some ideas for my babies 1st birthday party.


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  1. FANTASTIC cake! xoxo
  2. How adorable! I once did a Pirate Party, but never Ariel :) I also like to use for favors because you can customize them. Nice keepsake
  3. Kelly King says
    This is great!!! My daugther loves Aerial and would love this! Thank you for the info!
  4. i wish i had these ideas when i was into little mermaid!!!
  5. shelly peterson says
    Wow! What a super cool party. You had some great ideas! My grandson turns 2 in August and we are planning a despicable me party. He loves the minions.
  6. I love those little jello fishbowls! How cute :) You had a lot of great ideas!