Wordless Wednesday {LINKY}: What happens when you make an Eighty Pound water balloon?

Yes, that is FILLED with water.

It was so heavy The Husband could barely lift it out of the kiddie pool.

So, what happens when you make an 80 lb. water balloon?

You get REALLY wet!

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  1. That IS the best water balloon EVER!!! Love your hubs face! Priceless!
  2. That. Is. HILARIOUS!
  3. That is amazing, my husband once tried to empty the kiddie pool and hurt his back. Looks like the kids had a lot of fun seeing him get soaked. Fun.
  4. Oh my goodness, I love his expression, hilarious. Why was he making such a huge water balloon anyway??
  5. Haha, oops! We love water play in the summer time but haven't done balloons yet :)
  6. Melissa says:
    wow lol thats a big water balloon
  7. Good God! 80 lbs?! Funny though!
  8. Fun! That looks awesome!
  9. You get lots of bonus points for trying!
  10. That looked so awesome and I was thinking will it pop?? Oh yes all over Dad! lol
  11. Haha! That is awesome! At least he had a really good sense of humor about it!
  12. That is too funny! Have a great WW! POSH
  13. Haha! That's so cool. I'm surprised it didn't pop while it was being filled up. I wish it was warm enough here (in MA) for water balloons. Thanks for sharing. :)
  14. LOL!!! Thanks for the laugh!
  15. Janet W. says:
    Haha! Funny! What a fun activity with the kids! I bet they laughed so hard!
  16. Love it! Reminds me of when we left California and were moving to the East Coast! We had a big party for both kids and their friends at a cool park in Monterey and we made tons of water balloons and they all had such a blast!!
  17. wow that is one big balloon!!!
  18. Chelsea winn says:
    Wow that is (in the words of my son) amazing!!!! I now have to talk my husband into doing this! Did u use a certain kind of balloon in order to do that???
  19. That is really cool!
  20. That's awesome!!
  21. Wowzers, that is one big water balloon!
  22. buahhahahahahaha Best dad picture ever. :)