I’m a Maytag Laundry Moms Ambassador! #MaytagMoms

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I posed a question to my facebook fans a few weeks ago.  How many loads of laundry do you do per week?

If you’re a mom who’s kids don’t yet do their own laundry chances are you do more laundry every week than you ever imagined possible. Sometimes as I do the mountains of laundry that pile up at my house I ask myself, “How is it possible that we wear this many clothes in one week?”.  Despite our efforts to wear our clothes til they are actually dirty, the mountains of laundry still manage to pile up week after week.

If you cloth diaper, or in our case cloth pull-up, your kids your laundry duties never end.  Right now I only do 2 loads of cloth diaper laundry per week, but when we have another baby that number will go up to 3-4.  Any mom who washes their own cloth diapers knows that when you wash cloth diapers you become very acquainted with your washing machine.  You know it’s strengths and weaknesses, you know just how effective it is at actually getting stuff clean.

Thus far I’ve used three different washing machines (for a long period of time) to wash diapers, and I can tell you that not all washing machines are created equal.  My current washing machine is weaksauce.  The agitator is very gentle, even when on the heavy duty setting.  It is not at all water efficient and fills almost all the way full with water for a medium load.

These reasons and more are why I’m so excited to announce I’ve been chosen to be one of the new Maytag Laundry Moms!  I’ll be trying out the new Maytag Bravos washer and dryer and blogging about my laundry escapades.  I’ve never used a high efficiency washer and dryer, and I’m looking forward to all the cool features that the Maytag Bravos has!  Stay tuned for some inside looks at these new, high powered cleaning machines!

Disclosure: I wrote this post participating in an Maytag Moms Dependable Laundry Ambassador program by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Maytag. I was provided with the Maytag washer and dryer set to facilitate my post

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  1. Congratulations to you! What a great opportunity.
  2. Amy - That is so cool! The house we are renting now has a beautiful HE washer and dryer and it has made all the difference with our cloth diapering. We've only had to strip Lincoln's diapers twice. Yes - only twice!! (And he is almost 16 months now, and is still exclusively cloth diapered.) You're going to love it. :)
  3. Nancy Reid says
    Congrats Amy. I hope you have better with the high efficiency Maytag then I am having with the Cabrio from Whirlpool. I paid $700 for it 3 months ago and it is nothing but trouble. It does not allow enough water in to wash my laundry and is so rough that it rips up my clothes and they come out totally wrinkled. I am almost in tears over it and Whirlpool says that it is working properly. Good luck with the Maytag.
  4. Congrats, Amy!! That is so awesome! The time and effort you put into this blog is amazing. Have fun with your new washer!
  5. Janet W. says
    Congrats! Looking forward to reading your reviews!
  6. Congrats Amy!!!! I'm still crossing my fingers to be a Maytage Kitchen mom...I don't know if they've reached out to those moms yet but my fingers will be crossed until I hear for sure! Again, congrats. I'm looking forward to hearing about your experiences with the new set.
  7. Congrats!!
  8. How are you liking your new washer? We just bought a Maytag Bravos and I am trying to decide on a wash routine for my cloth diapers. Have you found one that works well? Thanks!
    • I love it for the diapers! It cleans them much better (IMO) than our weak-sauce standard top loader did. I always smell the diapers before I put them in the dryer. Occasionally I have to run another rinse, but generally they are smell free. My boys are older so I'm only washing the really stinky night time pee. I do a rinse (with a tbsp. of RNG Funk Rock--because of the ammonia from night time peeps in older kids). Then I wash on heavy duty (hot water, heavy soil, heavy spin) with an extra rinse. I'm using RNG right now because I was given a bag, but I also really loved Country Save detergent (which is HE safe).
      • Thanks for your reply! I did a load of diapers before checking for a reply, but I did a rinse and spin (no detergent) then the bulky wash (on hot, heavy soil, fast spin, extra rinse) with 2 Tbsp RNG and the diapers seemed fine. I liked that those two cycles filled the tub with water... I was really worried about not getting enough water in the drum.
        • I'm glad it worked out well. I was worried about the amount of water too, but the drum fills with enough water to get the dipes clean. Also, I was wrong, I wash the diapers on "power wash"...I think that is what it is called. I just did a load today, you'd think I'd remember. ;)