Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream

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When we got married 7 years ago I had a few bridal showers with family and friends. At one of my showers a couple of my cousins gave us an ice cream maker and some recipes to go along with it. Now would you believe that in 7 years of marriage we never made homemade ice cream? I kind of feel guilty about that. We had this nice machine and never opened it. I always wanted to but we never got around to doing it. So for this summer I had a “bucket list” of things that I wanted to do and on that list was to make homemade ice cream. And I am proud to say that so far we have made it twice! The first time didn’t work out so great but the second recipe we tried worked like a charm! And it was incredibly easy to make and didn’t require cooking eggs to put in it. Definitely a bonus for me! So here is the easiest homemade chocolate ice cream recipe.

Chocolate Milk, cool whip and sweetened condensed milk

Then you mix it all in a bowl and throw it in your ice cream maker
And 30 minutes later (or however long your maker says to mix for) you have yummy homemade chocolate ice cream.  Add toppings and enjoy!
We added m&m’s and crushed up oreos but I think raspberry’s would be so delicious!
Here is the recipe
Easy Homemade Chocolate Ice Cream
2 cups chocolate milk
1/3 cup sweetened, condensed milk
1/2 cup whipped dessert topping
Combine all ingredients.  Pour into canister and freeze as directed.
Seriously so yummy and easy!  Enjoy!

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  1. Yummy! We'll have to try this.
  2. Sounds great! I would love an ice cream maker!
  3. This looks so delicious! I will definitely try this. Thanks for sharing!
  4. Janet W. says
    We love ice cream! That would be fun to make with my grandson!
  5. Tammy Frederick-Leckbee says
    Love homemade ice cream. The best part is you can make it any flavor you want.
  6. Looks awesome! Will have to add it to my list of summer "to-dos"!
  7. Tim Stephens says
    That's a good simple receipe... I love any of them that don't have eggs because my nephew has an egg allergy... my dad and I make homemade ice cream every fourth of july... he does the vanilla and I do some flavor... last year I did peppermint... this year I'm gonna try your mix with peaches...
  8. Wow....that is cool. I'd almost never have to run out of ice cream again :)
  9. Jorge @abcacupuncture says
    This homemade Chocolate Ice Cream looks incredibly delicious . That is why i’m so excited to try this. Thanks for sharing your recipe.
  10. Jennie Tomforde says
    This looks great and the kids can do it!
  11. Easy Peasy just the way I like it lol. The kids will have fun making their own ice cream~! I bet your right the Raspberries would taste great in it too :)
  12. I wonder if you could do this recipe in the ziplock bags. I cant find the recipe for that and the kids loved making their own ice cream using ziplocks
  13. Jamie L. R. says
    My kids would love this. Thanks for the recipe! Just in time for summer. :)
  14. Allison Marie says
    Wow, that is super easy! We also received an ice cream maker as a wedding gift and have yet to open it. We just celebrated our 9th anniversary last week! I think it's about time we open up that box and try your yummy recipe. My kids would love it!
  15. Mary Dailey says
    I will have to try this with our ice cream maker! Thanks!
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    This sounds so good. I know I will have to try this one.
  18. Great idea for summertime fun!
  19. homemade ice cream? Where have you been all my life??? xoxo
  20. Mike W Davis says
    I love home made ice cream-- it really tastes different the the store commercial ice cream-- keep up the great works--your receipes are great
  21. michelle warner says
    im going to try this looks so good, thanks for the tips
  22. Sandy VanHoey says
    My daughter had one that sat forever also. Then I think they finally got around to making some ice cream with it. This sounds easy to do.
  23. Thomas Murphy says
    sounds like fun to make, thanks for the recipe
  24. I know what I'm asking for Christmas (an ice cream maker) yum!
  25. amy williams says
    This looks so great makes me want to go out and get one and my kids would love this so much.
  26. Karen Propes says
    I want to try this, it sounds so good. I've never made ice cream with sweetened condensed milk. Funny, my daughter puts sweented condensed milk in snow for snow cream. Thanks for the receipe, gonna try it this weekend. ncjeepster@aol.com
  27. Mina M Vasquez says
    Love it!! Love it!! I've had my ice cream machine for a few years and have only used it once because the complexity of recipes I've found....well until now this is too easy and it makes an amount that will keep me outta trouble (I can tear up a pint of ice cream in one setting) with my workout plan...thank you!!!
  28. This looks quick and easy! Thank you for sharing the recipe.