An apology, explanation, and an announcement!

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These past few weeks have been HARD!  I’ve tried not to leave you, my readers, hanging.  But I’m sure that you’ve noticed that my low entry giveaways haven’t always posted on time.  That Kate has been doing most of the bigger posts.

I wish I could say that I’ve been on vacation in some exotic or far off location.  Well, the real reason I’ve been a little slow is a great reason, really.  It’s just not all that pleasant for me at the moment.

If you’re a mom you’ve probably guessed the reason already.  You’ve likely been there.


Yes, I’m….


A baby’s in there, that is.  I’m currently 9 1/2 weeks pregnant, and thanks to a cocktail of unisom, b6, and ginger, I can at least function most days.  I have good days where I can get a few things done during the day.  And then I have bad days where I basically lie on the couch most of the day.  My best times are the morning hours before 11am (odd since it’s called “morning sickness”), and then I get progressively worse as the day wears on.  By night (my main blogging time), it is unbearable to sit at the computer.

Big Brother at just 5 years old has become my big helper.  He takes care of his little brother when they get up in the morning so I can sleep, will get me crackers when I just can’t bear to stand up and get them myself, and has become very good at cleaning up his and his brother’s toys when I ask him to.  Both boys have already decided that I’m having a girl.  Little Brother talks about “when I have my baby sister”.

I look forward to every weekend when I can say I have another week down and 1 less week of morning sickness to go.  I have a crazy few weeks coming up with lots of traveling so wish me luck!

Here is to pregnancy and all it’s joys!


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  1. OH HOW EXCITING!!!! Congratulations to the OSS (Oh So Savvy) family!!!
  2. Congratulations! How exciting!
  3. Congratulations! Yes, it's so funny it's called morning sickness, mine would always kick in right after lunchtime...
    • I know. I always feel a little indignant telling people I have "morning sickness". It's kind of a slap in the face when you have to say it at noon, and late afternoon, and night..... But, thankfully, I usually have fairly smooth sailing after about week 15 or 16.
  4. Oh a baby! YAY! Congrats!
  5. Giant Sis says
    Congrats! I hope you get to feeling better soon!
  6. Rachel S. says
    Congratulations!!!!! 9.5 weeks... hopefully the honeymoon period is right around the corner for you :)
    • Hahaha, I wish the honeymoon period was right around the corner. I guess it depends on your perspective. Given my history I've got between 4 and 6 more weeks of this. I can make it though. Women do this all the time, right?
  7. What a great reason! Congratulations!!!!! Hope the morning sickness passes for you soon.
  8. I am so excited for you! I'd love another niece, but a nephew would be just as welcome!!! I hope the morning sickness phase passes soon. can't wait to see you!!
  9. Congrats!!!
  10. Congratulations!! What a lovely surprise ... hopefully the morning sickness will pass soon.
  11. Annmarie W. says
    Congratulations! Hoping you're feeling better soon, and you have a comfortable & uneventful pregnancy!
  12. Mary Beth Elderton says
    Wow! Congrats! And take it easy!
  13. Carla Garcia says
  14. Congrats on your pregnancy!! Very happy for you guys! I hope that the horrible morning sickness disappears very soon for you!!
    • Thanks Kelsey! Sorry, I'm just now responding. I guess that's early pregnancy for ya. I don't spend much time on the computer these days. I'll get back in the ballgame soon though. Take care!
  15. congrats! i just found out yesterday that im prego too!
  16. Congratulations! Sometimes I have to think about what is harder.. the first 3 months of extreme fatigue and morning sickness or the last three months of aches and pains! I hope it gets easier for you.
    • Ah, yes. My last pregnancy I didn't do much the last 3 months. I wasn't that big, but my ligaments were having problems. I could hardly walk. Hmm...all in all though I think I'd take the last 3 months. Why? because something different that how I'm feeling right now. Oy, pregnancy. What a difficult thing it is sometimes.
  17. Congratulations! I'm sorry about the all day sickness. (I refuse to call it morning sickness since mine was all day and lasted until the day I delievered) Hopefully you'll feel better soon and try to find something that makes you feel better. For me cheeseburgers did the trick.
    • Eww...cheesburgers. LOL pregnancy really is a strange thing isn't it? One of my biggest problems is that my stomach seems to have completely forgotten how to digest food. I have to be careful not to eat anything too complex, with preservatives, etc (basically anything that is easy to cook or heat up). Grr... I might have to be on a steady diet of grapes and pb&j. Blah.
  18. Stephanie Hungerford says
    congrats I hope you get over the Prego Sickness during the 2nd trimester and beyond. I love finding out women are Prego.
  19. Congratulations!!
  20. Congrats! I am almost 36 weeks along. I totally get how your feeling. So nice that your older son helps out that much. My 4 1/2 year old just doesn't get it. So I have to get up with both of them. I had morning sickness until I was 7 months pregnant! It still shows it's ugly face every so often, but it's not as bad.
  21. Congrats to you and your family!!!!
  22. Congrats on your new upcoming addition! :)
  23. Eden Molle says
    That's good news! Congratulations! God bless and have more blessings to come to you and to your family. I'm excited on your baby. :) xoxo
  24. So happy for you and the family Big Sis!! <3
  25. Janet W. says
    How wonderful! Congrats! I hope the sickness comes to an end as you get further along in your pregnancy! Hang in there!
  26. carol roberts says
    thankyou for caring enought to let us know
  27. Congrats!!! That is wonderful news!!
  28. Congratulations!!!!! I've been leaving my readers hanging a lot lately, too, and it's for the exact same reason! We just found out blessing #7 is on his {or her!} way. Morning sickness is tough. I hope it lets up for you soon! Congratulations again!
  29. congrats!!! being sick sucks, but so worth it in the end!
  30. Congratulations to you and your family. I hope you begin to feel better soon.
  31. Congratulations on your pregnancy. I'm not too far behind you. I will be 6 weeks on Sunday. :)
  32. Well that is a good reason to have been so tired all the time! Congratulations! Hope you get to feeling better soon!
  33. A big congratulations to you and your family. We (your blogging family) are here to support you and don't care a bit if your linky is up late...especially now that we know a baby is on it's way! I love to hear of pregnancy! So promising, and joyful!! Here's to feeling better soon!!
  34. jenna bowen says
    Everyone is having babies or getting pregnant, it's giving me a major case of the baby fever! Congrats Mama!
  35. Wow! Congratulations!! I hope you get feeling better....
  36. woo hoo! congrats! being pregnant is never fun.. (at least not for me) but the end result is a baby!!! yay!!! can't wait to see pics!