8 Tips for Creating the Perfect Picnic #HormelFamily

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Picnics.  Ah, what a wonderful way to unwind during the spring and summer months.  When I lived in Utah my husband and I loved to drive into the canyon and up to one of our favorite parks.  This particular park was set in the mountains right in between two gorgeous peaks.  It was beautiful, green, and cool.  With a stream flowing with cool mountain snow runoff on one side and the green of the summer trees on the other, it was a perfectly peaceful (and romantic) place to picnic.

Whether you picnic with your kids or picnic on a date, there are some things you can do to help you pull off you picnic with ease.

  1. Choose a location that will offer shade.
  2. Bring a large thick blanket.  The blanket will provide padding on the ground and also allow you to stretch out and enjoy the outdoors after your meal.  If you or anyone in your party has trouble sitting on the ground make sure you bring some chairs or find a picnic table.
  3. Keep the food simple.
  4. If packing sandwiches, make sure to use heartier bread like a baguette as it will not get as soggy over long periods of time. Fill baguettes with slices of your favorite Hormel® Natural Choice® product and add on tomatoes, lettuce and other condiments of your choosing. If desired you can bring the condiments with you and add them when you’re ready to eat.
  5. Hormel® party trays don’t have to be restricted to indoor gatherings; let them join in the party outside! Bring along your favorite tray to your picnic the Turkey and Cheddar or Supreme Party Tray. Bring along paper plates and utensils and let guests choose their favorites from the tray!
  6. Veggies and dip are always great to bring along to your picnic. Try a delicious new Peloponnese® Mediterranean spread available in several different varieties including Artichoke, Hummus and Red Pepper and Cheese. Cut vegetables at home beforehand and store in plastic containers and keep in a cooler along with a dip of your choice!
  7. If you’re picnicing with children, frozen yogurt tubes are always a hit for dessert.
  8. Don’t forget the toys! Even if you are not bringing children it can be fun to throw a football, baseball, or play a game of badminton or croquet.

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