20 fun ideas to keep kids happy and active during the summer

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As it starts to warm up my kids are just dying to get outside as soon as they wake up each morning.  My little two year old is pretty funny when I tell him he has to get dressed first.  If he had his way he would be out there in his pajama’s with his breakfast in his hands.  So I started to think of a list of things that the kids could do to keep them busy during the summer.  With school out for the summer I know I’m going to need a list of ideas to fall back upon!

  • Run through sprinklers
  • Find a local splash pad
  • Have a bubble blowing contest
  • Set up a kiddie swimming pool
  • Make Popsicles
  • Make homemade ice cream
  • Have your kids help you wash your car or even their bikes and scooters
  • If your kids are older you could have a squirt gun or water balloon fight
  • Color with side walk chalk
  • Take a hike/walk to a waterfall, stream, or lake, through a forest or up a hill.  Make it an “adventure”!
  • Check out a dollar theatre.  The shows aren’t new releases usually but they sure are cheaper and it is fun to go somewhere and watch a show on a big screen! Sometimes theaters will even have free movies during the the 10 and 11am hours.
  • Go bowling
  • Check out a local museum or aquarium
  • Pack a picnic lunch and eat it at a park
  • Set up a lemonade/kool aid stand
  • Go park hopping. See how many of your local parks you can visit over the course of the summer.
  • Visit your library for storytime or just to find some great summer reading books.
  • Try some science experiments.  There are some really cool ones here.
  • Go to a local children’s museum.  These are great for children even as young as 18 months.
  • Set up a mini-olympics or field day with your kids and their friends

These were just a few ideas that my kids have been having fun with lately.  What do your kids enjoy doing during the summer?


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  1. martin dupree says
    You have to keep the kids busy...Thanks for the tips.
  2. homeade ice cream sounds yummy! loves these ideas...
  3. Chelsea winn says
    I love these ideas. My son is two as well and he is constantly asking to go play outside! How many of these have you done with your little one? Which did he like best? Tomorrow if it's not raining I want to take them outside and draw with chalk, thanks for the idea!
    • My little guy loves to draw with the side walk chalk, going on hikes, seeing his friends at the park for our park hop days, blowing bubbles and visiting our local splash pad. I want to try washing our bikes and scooters next. I know he'll love having a pretend car wash!
  4. I miss those days. Our library even has free passes for some local musuems/attractions.
  5. Great ideas!! Thanks:)