Wordless Wednesday {LINKY}: Pirates and Cannons

This is what a mom of boys does during the day….



We took turns seeing who could shoot down the other’s pirate guys first.  It was very fun!

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  1. Ha! I love it! This makes me wish I had boys. We dress up like princesses here :)
  2. very cool
  3. that's very cool. not only you enjoyed the game but spent quality time with the boys too. mine is up, pls take a look at http://texas-sweetie.blogspot.com/2012/05/wordless-wednesday-what-are-these-girls.html
  4. My sons would play like this too when they were younger. Thanks for sharing!
  5. HAHAHA! that is so our house too!
  6. yep....I know what you mean!
  7. Love it! I have two boys who are two years apart and at 8 & 10, they still (mostly) love playing together building things (more intricate ones with Legos now) and using their "men". SO much better than video games. Cute, thanks for sharing! :)
  8. What a great day to spend the day! I miss my nephew and our sessions like this.
  9. Alright! Build it up to knock it down!
  10. Aww, cute! Always nice to see the kiddos get creative!
  11. Fun! A mom of girls does something similar, except there are usually Barbies involved. :)
  12. Ooh, looks like a fun afternoon! We do that just with boxes.
  13. That sure brings back some memories! Have a great rest of your week! POSH