What if getting fit could feel like play? Striiv Smart Pedometer Review

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What if walking to lunch, taking the stairs, and walking our dogs could feel like play? What if we could create a fun experience that motivates us to get fit, donate to charities, and spend more time with family and friends?

At Striiv, we believe that getting in shape should fit around your schedule, and more importantly, it should be fun! Remember how exciting it was to play games like kickball during recess?

When most of us think about “fitness” today, we think of taking time out of our busy schedules to go to the gym. The reality is, between work and family, we don’t have time anymore.

Striiv’s first product is designed to help us spend more time together while getting fit, giving back, and having fun. This is our first step – come join us as we create a movement around movement!

Okay, so before I start my official review, let me just say Striiv is awesome! The makers of this tiny gadget have really hit on something genius.  Since receiving my Striiv a couple of weeks ago I am not only more active while I’m at my home (I’m a stay-at-home mom so I’m at my home almost all day), but I’m having tons of fun being active!

Because there are so many components to what Striiv is and what it can do I’m going to let this youtube video tell you a little more about it.

Strive not only records your steps, stairs climbed, calories burned, miles walked, etc., but it keeps track of them day to day, rewarding you with energy bonuses when you reach certain goals, perform better one day than you did the previous day, etc.  You can challenge yourself (or your spouse or friends if they have a Striiv too) to races. For each step you take, and each time you reach your goals, out perform your previous stats, or beat a challenge you are awarded energy points.  You can use these energy points to play Striiv’s MyLand game (I’ll cover this in just a second) and to donate to charity.  At no cost to you, Striiv’s sponsors will donate clean drinking water, polio vaccinations, and rainforest preservation when you achieve certain amounts of points for walking.

Completely unique to Striiv, MyLand is the first walking game ever on a pedometer.  At first I thought it was kind of silly to have a game on my pedometer; just one more thing to take my time.  I’ve totally changed my tune now!  In my opinion MyLand is the genius of Striiv.  You are given a little piece of land and can plant trees and buildings.  Those trees and buildings earn you money to buy more trees and buildings, but you can only build those buildings and grow those trees with the energy points you get from walking.  I find myself running all over the house (I pick up my kids toys as I go) everyday so that I can earn extra points to grow my village!  My house is cleaner and I’m getting much more exercise! LOL, I love it!

And if that isn’t enough to let you know just how cool Striiv is, here is one more little tidbit:

The average Striiv user is walking 3 miles a day for 60 minutes – that’s almost double the national average! Striiv was designed by expert game developers who created some of the most popular games on the iPhone and Facebook today. It has been featured in the O list (Oprah magazine), ABC News, Time, USA Today, Self, and Prevention Magazine. 

You can purchase Striiv Smart Pedometer Plus Motivation System at Amazon.com for $99.95. (It has excellent reviews on Amazon, too!  :))

Disclosure: I received the Strive Pedometer at no cost to myself, in order to facilitate a review.  All opinions are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. Natalie S says
    Sounds like a great pedometer - great review! Striiv should let you do a giveaway! :)
  2. Oh I so need one of these! It's hard to tell how much your walking around when your chasing kids all day!
  3. Sounds like a nifty gadget. I love the potential of a cleaner house in the process! :) Thanks for the review.
  4. That is brilliant. I do go to the gym, but not as often because by the time I park and check my son in at Daycare (after I just picked him up at a Daycare) and watch him hate I leave to get 30 or 40 minutes in. Have to pack him back in the car and get home..it is a process! This is awesome. I love the concept.
  5. It seems like a great pedometer. I always run around more when I wear a pedometer. There is something about watching the numbers go up.
  6. I have one of these and I love it. It motivates my son with the games.
  7. This looks awesome!
  8. My husband wants a pedometer - I see a possible Father's Day idea :)
  9. I got a pedometer for my husband because he walks so much at work he can see how far he walks.
  10. I like using pedometers, but I have never seen one quite like that. I am going to have to check it out!
  11. I have the Fitbit, and getting the reminders from them when I exceed a goal, or pass a friend on the online dashboard keeps it fun and entertaining. I also like to see my progress throughout the day. I'm looking at a new pedometer, and wanted to look into the Striiv. Thanks for the information and review!