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We’ve been cloth diapering for over two years now and I’ve never once used a prefold in a diaper.  Until just recently that is.  A few weeks ago I was sent a Real Nappies cloth diaper to review.  Here is a little bit about the Real Nappies company:

Real Nappies is the leading reusable cloth diaper in New Zealand. After countless hours spent refining the cloth diapering system, Real Nappies offers a pure and simple cloth diaper that eliminates the fuss and mess.

Real Nappies cloth diapers are easy to use, simply to buy and cost far less in the long run than disposable diapers or alternative reusable diaper systems.

Parents, maternity hospitals and childcare centers have voted Real Nappies the number one cloth diaper in New Zealand, and congratulated Real Nappies for making it a no-brainer decision to choose reusable cloth diapers ahead of disposable diapers!

The Real Nappies diapers come with 3 components: the wipeable cover with aplix, the inner, absorbent prefold, and an optional flushable liner for easy cleanup.  *Just as a side note, I love that this system comes with flushable liners! Of all my cloth diapering accessories this is the one that made cloth diapering the easiest for us.

Because my “little” guy is 33 lbs. I ordered the Toddler size (29-40 lbs.) I was surprised at how large the prefold actually is. LOL, I’d never seen a toddler size prefold before.  I folded the prefold in a boy fold according to the folding instructions.  I just folded the prefold down in front to give double the coverage up front where boys pee.  Putting the diaper on was equally simple.

Alright, here is the reason I’ve never used prefolds before.  They are BULKY.  LOL, even Little Brother noticed that they were bulky.  I put the diaper on him and he tried to run, but it turned into a bit of a waddle. He stopped, laughed, and made a comment about how he was running.  Some moms don’t care about that, but I do, especially because my child is quite bulky.   Bulky diapers can make it difficult to find pants that fit. The problem is only exacerbated when your child is bulky too.  Like I said though, some parents really don’t mind the bulk and a lot of moms find that prefolds are their favorite diapering system.

As far as functionality goes, these diapers were wonderful.  My son is daytime potty trained and he really doesn’t pee a ton at night so I couldn’t really test just how much this diaper would hold, but then again, my son rarely leaked out of his diapers once he hit a year old.  The Real Nappies prefolds are very thick, obviously well made and even have a 2 child guarantee!  Yep, that is one I’d never heard of before.  Real Nappies guarantees that their diapers will outlast 2 children or they’ll replace them.

This brings us to the cost.  There are several different ways to purchase Real Nappies.  You can buy an Real Nappies Intro Pack which includes a cover, prefold, and 1 flushable liner for (sale price) $12.99, or you can buy larger packs of the diapers.  Real Nappies are sized diapers which means you’ll need to purchase covers and prefolds for each of the 3 sizes (the fact that they are sized diapers is one reason they can guarantee the diapers will outlast 2 children).  Right now, with the sale prices on and you really can buy the Real Nappies system at an economical price.  If you were to pay the regular price, however they’d cost as much if not more than a typical pocket diaper stash. Compared with disposable diapers they would still save you several hundred dollars.

Disclosure: I was provided with a Real Nappies Intro Pack by the company at no cost to myself.  All opinions expressed are honest and are entirely my own.



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  1. I think this is better than the plastic ones, this is cooler and more comfortable for babies. I like this.
  2. I have never tried this brand, but I loved prefolds when my daughter was a newborn. My Fuzzi Bunz one size just didn't fit, and we were new to cd, so we didn't have any other options at the time. Next time, I definitely plan to prefold the first couple of months. We've now tried many brands and prefolds are still my faves. I need to buy more though bc my daughter outgrew all of ours :-(
  3. Naina John says
    Its very good idea. Eco friendly as well as affordable. Nice post
  4. I'm so glad our family is done with diapers. These would be good ~ eco friendly adn affordable.
  5. Janet W. says
    Those look like they fit him great! We've never tried cloth diapers before but they look comfy!
  6. Good for the environment and good for baby... What's not to love?!
  7. they don't look too I think most cloth diapers look xoxo
  8. I'm searching for cloth diapers and want to make the right purchase, don't want the disposable liner though, want all washable pants.
  9. Hey there! I'm at work browsing your blog from my new iphone 3gs! Just wanted to say I love reading your blog and look forward to all your posts! Keep up the fantastic work!
  10. We use real nappies (we got the birth to potty pack as a gift). We love them. I actually gave all of the flushable liners to Goodwill because I prefer to spray them, but we have never had a leak (in over a year of use) and they are so easy to use that even my youngest sister who babysits on occasion for us can use them easily. It looks like in the photo you have the prefold tucked into the front part of the cover. For anyone looking at this, the directions say not to do this, as it can cause leaks.