Heidi Klum for New Balance- Review

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You’re a mom.  You’re on the go…all…the…time.  It’s a given that exercising is something that you’ve got to fit in your already busy schedule.  The Heidi Klum for New Balance was designed for the modern woman on the go, and includes a range of tunics, tanks, and dresses that lend to a day at the park with the kids or an afternoon of errands. The collection easily transitions from street to the gym and looks chic throughout the day.

I was sent a few of HKNB pieces to review.


This first piece is the Hknb Heidi Klum For New Balance Women’s Dolman Sleeve Sweatshirt.  I really like the dolman sleeve (a sleeve that is very wide at the armhole and tapers to a tight wrist) look.  First of all, I wouldn’t call this shirt a sweatshirt. Though the material is thick, it isn’t thick like sweatshirt material. As far as functionality goes, unfortunately, the dolman style coupled with the fact that there is a tight seem just below the elbow, working out in this shirt is very impractical.  The seeming around the arm below the elbow makes it so that anytime you raise your arms the whole shirt is lifted.  Because the shirt is fitted around the waist the only way to get the shirt back down where it is supposed to be is to adjust it yourself.  Not what I want to spend half my workout doing.  Aside from the fact that this shirt misses the mark in active wear, it is a very cute shirt that I look forward to wearing often on chilly days.


This tri-colored shirt is the Hknb Heidi Klum For New Balance Women’s Boyfriend Tee With Color Block. This was my favorite piece that I was sent to review.  The shirt is very thin which is a potential drawback if you’re looking for longevity, but, considering it is consistently over 100 degrees here in the summer, it is exactly what I want in a workout shirt.  Rather than being form fitting, the Boyfriend Tee hangs loosely (it is slightly fitted, but does not hug the body) on your body to allow airflow, keeping your workouts as cool as possible. This shirt looks great with my tighter workout shorts, and in keeping with the mission of the Heidi Klum for New Balance line the Boyfriend Tee also looks great with a pair of jeans


I really wasn’t a fan of the Hknb Heidi Klum For New Balance Women’s Army Pant. It is difficult to get a good idea of how they really look in this picture.  For a much better view check them out on Amazon. I’m thin, but I don’t do skinny jeans.  Some women can pull them off, but I think I look a little ridiculous in them.  These 100% cotton fitted pants were no different.  The way they are designed to fit is much different than the way the model on Amazon’s product page is wearing them.  The model is wearing them far below her belly button right at the top of her hip bones. Wearing them this way would not only be uncomfortable as the elastic waistband is quite tight, but it also causes the crotch to sag—fine if you’re a super model, but not if you’re a mom who wants to be taken seriously. All that aside, they were very comfortable, and for the right body type, on a woman who knows how to take fashion risks and pulls them off well, these Army Pants could be great.

HKNB Heidi Klum for New Balance has a wide variety of active wear perfect for the mom on the go.  You can find HKNB exclusively on Amazon.com.

Disclosure: I was provided with the above-mentioned products at no cost to myself, in order to facilitate a review. All opinions are honest and are entirely my own.


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  1. Those are just TOO CUTE! LOVE THEM!
  2. I agree. Some clothes look cute but once on they don't make it! I think there is a lot of jeans that are in style now that just don't flatter the woman's figure or girls. The pocket is in the wrong place and accents everything out of proportion. Great and honest review.
  3. Great review. The top one looks as if it falls a bit short, the second one is cute.
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  6. Danyelle Franciosa says
    That is pretty! You act like as a model and you actually look like a model. You look great and I love your poses.
  7. great review! and cute pictures, you did a fabulous job modeling! :)
  8. I think you look great. The clothes look comfortable.