Friendship and Memories–It’s what summer camp is all about! @CampHuawni

I can’t wait til school is out! Just a week and a half!

I love the summer and the freedom it gives me as a mom to tailor my kids experiences to whatever I want them to be.  I’m an active mom and love my kids to be outside, exploring new places, experiencing culture.  There are only so many Saturdays in the school year that we can get out and do these things.

Summer is also a time for friendships to be made and cultivated.  I know that Big Brother is so looking forward to being able to play with all the neighbor kids all day every day (at least that’s what he thinks he’ll be doing).  Once he gets a bit older I look forward to sending him to summer camp for a week or two during the summer, where, I hope, he will make some more lasting friendships.

We are very fortunate that we’ll be living less than two hours away from Camp Huawni next year when we send Big Brother for his very first summer camp experience. Camp Huawni is located in East Texas, Timpson to be exact, and with it’s Christian environment, values, and 40 year history will be the perfect fit for our family.

To find out more about Camp Huawni simply click the button below:

Disclosure: I was not compensated for this post.  I will receive camp tuition for my son next year in exchange for being a Camp Huawni mom blogger.


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