A Touching Mother’s Day Tribute

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Grab a tissue…

I grew up with this family.  We went to church together.  Everyone knew who they were because when this family sang together it was like listening to a little piece of heaven.  I’ve lived away from my childhood home in San Diego so long I didn’t realize that this family lost their wonderful mother to cancer last year until my sister posted this beautiful music video on facebook.

Here is one daughter’s tribute to her mother…


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  1. Beautiful, touching, sad.
  2. That is so sweet. Thanks for sharing it with us. I lost my mother to cancer 10 years ago and have had a difficult time with Mother's Day ever since.
  3. Wow, very touching. I can't even wrote because I. Crying......grateful that I shared mother's day with my mama. Xxoo
  4. good grief, that's too sad....
    • Oh, Sam, I didn't mean it to be so sad! I thought it was inspiring. Like, before I die, I want to be able to say with confidence that I taught my children with the faith and strength that this mother taught hers.
  5. I agree with Sam.. too sad. Very touching
  6. Awe.
  7. This is a very emotional tribute.