Wordless Wednesday (LINKY): San Antonio’s Fiesta de los Ninos

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It is Fiesta! time here in San Antonio.  Fiesta is like a San Antonio’s Mexican version of Mardi Gras… I think…I’ve never actually been to Mardi Gras.  Since Fiesta events usually involve large quantities of alcohol The Husband and I decided to take our kids to the family friendly Fiesta de los Niños last Saturday.

The event wasn’t as impressive as I expected it to be given the hype.  The boys had a blast though, and that is what matters. 🙂

The boys spent most of their time in the bounce house and on the giant slide…


They also loved this really creepy looking Ferris Wheel….

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  1. Wherever there are bouncy castles, no matter how gross, there are happy kids :)
  2. They look like they're having fun! Happy WW and thanks for the linky!
  3. It looks like they had so much fun!
  4. I love seeing kids having so much fun. I wish I could have joined them. belated happy fiesta!
  5. How fun! I've never taken my kids to Fiesta events ... too many (usually drunk) people for us. I didn't even know we had a Fiesta de los ninos day!
  6. Sounds like fun! Kids are always drawn to bouncy houses.
  7. Cindy Dawkins says
    We know how to throw big parties in San Antonio!!!!
  8. That is a creepy looking farris wheel, but the bounce house looks like a blast. Glad they had a good time.
    • I know, isn't it creepy looking. I almost didn't want to let the boys ride it but there were so few rides to choose from. Funny thing about the bounce house, while we were waiting in line someone tripped over the cord and cut the power to the fan. The bounce house deflated with the roof coming down on the toddlers who had been jumping inside. Oops. Those poor kids had no idea what was going on!
  9. Carrie @ Our Full House says
    I love visiting SA! Looks like a fun day.
  10. Haha, they are adorable as always! Glad they had a lot of fun. =)
    • Isn't it funny though that I didn't get any pictures of their faces? You'd think I'd done it on purpose. The little guy is now totally addicted to "bounce houses" (what he calls them). We went to an indoor place today that was filled with about 7 or 8 different bounce houses, obstacle courses, etc., he was in heaven.
  11. My son went on a ferris whell like that once for a 4th of July event and the ride operator thought it would be cute to stop it so the kids could see the fireworks from in it. For my son who was on the top, it wasn't cute, lol. Love the pics.