Wordless Wednesday with LINKY: Air Strike in my Living Room

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Boys will be boys….

I hope that no one is offended by this video.  It was all done in good fun.  Having only boys (aside from me of course) in the house there is a peculiar need to see fire, things being blown up, destroyed, etc.

The boys’ latest craze is an app for the iPad and iPhone called “Action Movie”

Here is their very first action movie. 

(Please excuse the fact that one of my children is missing a shirt and the other his pants.  In the event of an airstrike in the living room there is not always time to get fully dressed.)


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  1. OH my! Yes, I know what it is like to be in a house with all boys!
  2. Ha ha ha!!! LOVE it. :)
  3. I love that app! Happy WW, ~EdT.
  4. Adorable!
  5. LOL! That looks like my house!! I will have to check your boys for missing limbs next time I see them! :D
  6. Love it!!
  7. Oh my gosh, my boys would love that!!
  8. Awesome!! We love making munchkin movies (and also alliteration) at our house! Just started following, can't wait to read/see more. :) I have a clip up today, too- but a much, much less energetic one. We're SO tired today! Julie http://theprogressiveparent.blogspot.com/
  9. LOL- love it! We love making movies at our house, too. It probably started when my boys (ow 8 & 10) were that age, come to think of it! I posted a clip from our house today, too- but a much, much less energetic one. SO, to tired today. Happy WW! :) Julie
  10. To Cute, the video reminds me of my boys when they were younger
  11. Betty Baez says
    Haha I love it! I'll have to get the app for my boys
  12. Adorable! (Even with the missing pants and shirt!)
  13. ;)
  14. Yikes! I know some grown up boys who'd love that!
  15. Priceless! As the mom of three boys, I can totally relate to your post! :)
  16. You make me smile with this video, this is really great and your little boy is so cute...
  17. Your two little boy is really cute, I can;t imagine if they are already grow up and see this video...