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I wanted to do something a little different for Mother’s Day this year.  I wanted to do something that would not only be meaningful for moms, but that would also have a lasting impact on our lives.

Being a mom takes time, devotion, and a heck of a lot of energy.  I often feel myself physically unprepared to meet the demands motherhood throws at me on a daily basis.  A couple months ago I made the resolve that I was going to be healthier.  It was vital that I be healthier.  If you read my post about my winter funk you may have related to how I felt–tired all the time, not sad, but definitely not happy either.  I felt just plain blah.

Blah, no more!  I decided I needed to do whatever it took to change that.  This whole process of change and how great I felt as I began to exercise is the inspiration behind this event.

I’m so excited for what we have prepared for you!  In addition to some great posts on fitness and healthy eating, we will also have reviews of some awesome products that will help you achieve your personal health and fitness goals.  Here is a sneak peek at just a few of our awesome sponsors!

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P.S. Some of these reviews will have giveaways too!


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  1. sounds great!! tips on eating and living healthy make the whole family happier!