Starting a Healthy Post-Pregnancy Eating and Excercise Program

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My baby was born just after Valentines day, and I just can’t believe how life has changed since.  Life seems a little crazier but always for the good!  So with all the changes around the house I have made some changes to my diet and excercise routine to help boost my energy level and help me stay happy and healthy!

I started an exercise routine and I try to stick with it but with having 3 kids I have to be pretty flexible and work around them and their schedules! But I try to do cardio by jogging 2-3 times a week just around our neighborhood. After my cardio I like to do a deep stretch and then some sets of crunches, planks, push-ups, leg lifts, and I use my shake weight. You can basically do any exercise in sets. Lunge’s, squats, jumping jacks, whatever you like. Then I try to go to at least 2 classes at the gym a week. I like to mix it up a little bit between yoga, jump & crunch, power pump and turbo kick.

Now along with exercise I have changed out eating habits. We eat out less, we’ve cut back on the sweets and I have tried to add in a lot of fruits and veggies. We usually have a vegetable salad with dinner every night and fresh fruit for snacks.

Here are a few tips that I have from my experiences:


    • Have fruits and veggies already cut up so they are easy to grab and snack on.
    • Join a food co-op and get fresh produce every week.  Here in Utah we have Bountiful Baskets and they are in a bunch of states.  Check them out and see if they have on near you!
    • Drink lots of water and stay hydrated! This is especially important if you are a nursing momma!
    • Take it slow and easy.  Your body isn’t ready to preform at the same level it did before baby so work up your muscle and endurance levels slowly.
    • Make it a family affair.  Go for a walk all together on the weekend or at night when the hubby gets home from work.
    • If you miss a day here or there, just jump back into when you can.  Life comes up with sick kids and busy schedules.  Just do your best and keep at it!

    Now these are just a few things that I have started and they seem to work for me.  There are many different option’s with at home DVD’s too!  Everybody is different so just find something that works for you.

    What eating and exercise tips have you had success with?


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    1. Little ones really change your life. I have a 2 year old and really have not worked out since he was born. I know I need to exercise I do eat healthy though. It is so hard to get started.
    2. Really good advise, thanks :) I'm here from feed me friday and following! x