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I was recently introduced to a new way of shopping, and I have to say it really appeals to me!  I’m all about getting the most bang for my buck.  I love shopping sales where not only do you receive a discount price, but you get store credit for future purchases.

Maggies Direct offers this to their customers and more!

So, just what is

Maggies provides you a wonderfully unique shopping experience. We combine an amazing selection (always changing) of high quality products at fantastic prices, with the fun and power of social network shopping (learn more about this here). If you like saving money on high quality items  you’ll love Maggie’s. Our product mix is always growing. Right now you can find fantastic deals on the finest products for you and your home, some of which we manufacture ourselves. We make wonderfully cozy comforters, pillows, and featherbeds, in our own factory in Maine. Check out our bath category for amazing towels, our sleepwear section for super soft pjs, and our new gift & decore area.

The set up they have for you, the consumer, is really quite appealing if you work it right.  I’m a visual learner so here is a visual…

In addition to that you get 1 social buck for every friend who signs up, 1 buck for each product you review on their site, and more.  Each Maggies Direct social buck is equal to $1.  The bucks add up fast for great discounts on already discounted items.

Here is an example:

The Maggies Direct Queen Warmer level comforter has a normal MSRP (at their parent company’s website) of $239 plus shipping. Maggies Direct normally retails this comforter for $149 for the equivalent material and made at the same factory in Maine.  Upon purchasing, the customer gets 50% back in Social bucks or $74. This is like getting a $239 comforter for $75.

Maggies Direct sent us a Queen sized Medium-fill Synthetic pillow from the Hotel Collection to review.  Being the kind soul that I am I gave it to my husband to replace the nasty pillow he’s been using.  I’ve always bought cheap pillows in the past and was absolutely astounded by how soft, comfortable, and evenly filled the pillow was.  The pillow shell is a soft 50% cotton, 50% polyester blend.  After laying my head on it to try it out I’ve often thought about stealing it for my own.

Right now until April 15th Maggie’s Direct is having exclusive deals on their Hotel Collection!  If you’re in need of new bedding items, now’s your chance to score a great deal on high quality bedding.  Every item on the Hotel Collection page will earn you 50% back in Maggies Direct Social Bucks.  Buy a set of Medium-Fill Pillows like the one I reviewed and you’ll pay the sale price of $84 for the pair ($42 each), plus you’ll receive $42 in social bucks to use on any future purchase!  Wow!  (By the way, I searched a respected retailer’s site and found comparable pillows to range in price from $50-$140 each!)

Giveaway!!! On April 30th and on May 31st Maggies Direct will be giving away a $500 shopping spree to one lucky entrant AND a $500 shopping spree to the person who referred them!  Then on June 30th Maggie’s will draw one lucky winner for a $5000 Grand Prize shopping spree!  The person who refers the Grand Prize winner will receive a $500 shopping spree!

ENTER HERE and start referring your friends for more chances to win!



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