KidCrates Final Review

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Do any of you remember the review that I did on KidCrates a couple months ago? Well if don’t you can check it out here. We just finished a 3 month trial of KidCrates and it was a fun experience!

KidCrates is a subscription service for kids and families that delivers packages each month that are customized based upon child’s age, gender, and interests. Items chosen are selected from a variety of toys, games, puzzles, books and more. With your subscription you get to pick the size and price of your KidCrate. Subscriptions start out at for as little as $15 per month and go up depending on the size you would like.  They are delivered straight to your door (or the door of the child you are sending to) each month! No hassle! They hand select the items in the box to match your child’s interest’s and age. It’s like Christmas every month!

The first month we got a fun sandart kit and some fun pencils

The second month we received texture beads, a bracelet and a Valentines Day coloring book

She had so much fun snapping the beads together.  She would categorize them by color and texture.  I thought she was pretty smart to group them in different ways.

She made a necklace and then a snake and then she just wanted to see how long she could make one.  It ended up being taller than she was!

The third month we received a movie, a sticker book and some really fun markers

These markers are so cool and they even and an instruction book on how to make cool designs and pictures.  They were fun.

And this I really loved.  You can snap them all together to store and you can also snap them together to draw a rainbow.  My daughter loved this because she loves to draw rainbows.

KidCrates is a fun company with a great idea.  My daughter got so excited each month because the package was labeled with her name on it.  She thought it was fun to get her own package.  I like that they had tons of ideas and activities that I would have never thought about buying for her.  She loved them all and is always wanting to use them.  The one thing I didn’t care for was I think most of the items were too advanced for her.  The sand kit was lots of fun but it required a lot of supervision and I had to do most of it.  And with the markers they were lots of fun but she is too young to follow the example book that they had.  She just preferred to draw on white paper.  The sticker activity book was too advanced for her so I actually put it in the closet and I want to get it out this summer more as homework for her to work on before school starts.  But even with me thinking the products were sometimes too advanced I really liked KidCrates and they have a great idea. This would be a fun present for kids for their birthday or Christmas because they get to receive it all year long!
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Disclosure: I was provided the above mentioned products by the company, at no cost to myself in order for my honest opinions.

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  1. What fun products to be creative with! My grandson would love it!
  2. Betty Baez says
    Oh wow this looks like a great idea I bet the kids get super excited when the new kit comes
  3. This looks like such a fun way to get kids excited! It looks like the boxes were age appropriate and matched your daughter's interests!
  4. Children just love to receive packages in the mail so I could see why this would be fun.
  5. I LOVED getting mail when I was a kid (And I still love getting mail, LOL), so I would have been so excited to get goodies in the mail every month! How fun!
  6. These look like a lot of fun..your little girl is so adorable. My 8 yr old would love this.. Minta
  7. Little kids usually feel so special when they get a package in the mail!
  8. How much fun is that! I love activities that encourage creative development in children.
  9. with summer coming this is an awesome idea!
  10. these look like such fun!!
  11. This is very cool. It made me think of something I saw on the show "Shark Tank". That company would send a box of toys each month (you return them at end of month) to your child based on age/sex/likes, etc. It was a subscription service - similar to Netflix.