Give Your Kids Great Summer Memories at Camp Huawni

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Summer is coming!  We’re already feeling the heat here in San Antonio.  94 degrees here on Wednesday!  Thankfully, summer brings more than just heat.  Summer is an especially fun time for the kiddos.  Loads of unstructured time. Playtime galore. Time to be outside exploring, swimming, riding bikes. 

Summer camp is one of those memory making experiences that kids treasure for a lifetime.  I went to a summer camp in Puget Sound when I was a kid.  I still remember walking down the path to the mess hall singing songs about violas, trombones, and Johnny Appleseed.  I remember jumping into the freezing cold Puget Sound to swim from one dock to another so I could pass off some crazy swim-in-numbing-water requirement.

Ahhh, good times. Smile  I want my kids to have experiences like those when they are old enough.  Next year, when Big Brother is six, I plan on sending him to CamTribal-Comp-Junep Huawni. 

Camp Huawni is a summer camp for kids ages 6-18 located in east Texas just a couple hours north of Houston.  For over 40 summers they’ve provided kids with a Christian environment, a awesome camp staff, and plenty of fun in the sun!

As I’ve looked into the camp I’ve noticed how many testimonials there are from return campers.  Many of the kids attending Camp Huawni return year after year.  Here is what 6 time summer camper (who then spent 5 more summers as a counselor) has to say about her camp experience.

Looking back over the years and my experiences, here are my five favorite things that I enjoy most about Camp:

    • At Huawni, loyalty plays a huge role in relationships – everyone sticks around and further develops our friendships.
    • Love is another common factor. Everyone loves each other despite who they are or where they come from – Camp Huawni is a place where I get to be me.
    • Camp wouldn’t be Camp if it wasn’t outside and established around nature. Being outdoors is a part of who we are.
    • Reverence is another characteristic my summer camp is known for. Here at Camp, we are given the chance to get away from the real world and become closer to God through his creation.
    • Competition is always a unique and great experience. No matter what we are doing, there is always some form of competition going on and it keeps us motivated to keep going.


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Disclosure: I am posting this as a part of the Camp Huawni Mom bloggers.  In exchange for my posts my son will receive tuition to attend Camp Huawni next year.


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  1. Sounds like fun!
  2. that sounds like a great camp
  3. I sent my daughter to camp once and she had a great time. This looks like a nice one.
  4. I sent my son to sleepaway camp last summer for the first time and he had a blast. I missed him but it was nice to have some peace and quiet!
  5. Sounds super fun!
  6. this sounds like SO much fun! I can't wait until our daughter is old enough to enjoy the fun of summer camp!
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  8. I can not wait to send my boys to Summer Camp! Only a few more years to go! Thanks for posting, and reminding me of some great memories!
  9. I only did one summer of camp and I wish I had done more. Almost everyone I know has such fond memories of summer camp - I definitely want to send my son to summer camp when he is older. This looks like such a fun place!
  10. I never went to summer camp per say but I did go to many sports camps and loved my time away. I loved the late night camaraderie, the giggles, the chance for budding friendships to strengthen, the loyalty you built by staying away from home together, and the time I had to learn more about the person I truly was. I loved being outside most of the day in a serene environment, swimming in a lake and bunking in a cabin. camp Huawni sounds like a great combination of many things. I'm sure your young son will love his time there as soon as he is old enough...
  11. Camp is such an amazing time for kids! This looks like a great one too!!
  12. Camp Huawni looks awesome. I plan on letting my boys go once they are older. I just wish I had done it when I was kid!!
  13. Check out the new website that we just launched: Hope you enjoy! Sincerely, Travis