Wordless Wednesday (with LINKY): One of the many uses for a laundry hamper

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  1. hehe! I love that! My boys were given a "frog" hamper and they use it for the same thing!!
  2. LOL too cute. We use to play confessional in our hamper. I like his idea better.
  3. Creative kiddo knows how to have fun! :)
  4. hahaha..I love it!!! i am your newest follower..pls follow bcd if you can. happy WW!
  5. That is a much better use then what my family does with it - we put dirty laundry in it and then they all expect me to make it get clean. :)
  6. That's a mighty small summer house! Still, it should keep him bug-free this summer.....
  7. best use ever :)
  8. LOL too cute...mine would have probably done the exact same thing!
  9. Super cute pic! :) Thanks for the link up!
  10. Too cute. Thanks for the linky! preservingwonder.com
  11. haha! Last week my daughter started putting her hamper on her head and walking around. It was pretty entertaining for her brother and I :) http://eightdaysaweekmom.blogspot.com/2012/03/wordless-wednesday_20.html
  12. Haha!! Super cute!
  13. Much better use for a hamper than putting dirty clothes in it, definitely.
  14. my Joonyer does it all the time and thinks she performing the lion dance.