Wordless Wednesday with Linky: BIG Playful Kitty

We went to the San Antonio Zoo a couple Saturdays ago.  It was the evening and most of the big animals had sought shelter form the evening heat.  Not the leopard though.  He was out and in quite the playful mood.  One little girl kept hitting the glass with her sweater sleeve.  The leopard pawed and snipped at it just like a little kitty would would have.  Little Brother, however, didn’t find it very entertaining.  “Big scary tiger!” he kept saying.


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  1. Looks can be deceiving. I bet that playful cat would still make me sneeze... that is if I lived long enough to sniff him.
  2. wow that a big kitty lol. Nice picture.
  3. At first I thought the leapord was growling, at you guys. I would love to have seen this for myself! Wonder if the BIG cat was in a playful mood, or if he was just looking for some new fans? Great pic!
  4. That looks scary!
  5. We love the zoo! Especially when the animals are out and interacting with my boys. Their favorites are the elephants! Happy Wordless Wednesday! Thanks for sharing!
  6. Love the pics of kids at the glass.... I have one with an orangutan on my WW post!
  7. I've been to that zoo before, it's really great! Going to the zoo is one of my favorite outings with the kids :)
  8. Use to love taking my little ones to the zoo. But there big now, it doesn't hold the same excitement for them like it use too. The kitty looks small. I enjoyed the picture.
  9. Gotta love when the zoo animals really interact! :-) Thanks for hosting! Hobbies on a Budget
  10. Love this! Beautiful "kitty".
  11. Haha they're so cute! :D The little girl is not afraid of the leopard unlike his brother. to think that she is a girl. Thanks for sharing this..
  12. oooo, he's not happy! LOL
  13. Can't wait to get to the zoo ourselves now that it's nice and springy out.
  14. Michelle G says:
    Great pic. I thought the kitty was mad so I can understand Little Brother's views on it. Great Zoo.
  15. He looks hungry lol Hopping by from http://mhanks-somethinglikelife.blogspot.com/ happy Wednesday :O)
  16. Wow! Big kitty!
  17. Little brother is smart! LOL! What a great photo!
  18. Smart little boy! I would have kept my distance too, even with the glass there! LOL
  19. So cute! I love taking my kids to the zoo- We take the girls (3 & 5) every year on the day in between their bdays! Probably not going to get to San Antonio, so we'll have to visit vicariously through you. :) Julie http://theprogressiveparent.blogspot.com/
  20. Cool shot!! We love to visit the zoo!