Wordless Wednesday: A Very Unfortunate Day

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My MacBook is my blogging baby.  My MacBook is how I get my work done.  This is what happened to my MacBook when I stepped on my son’s toy while carrying my MacBook…

The hole in my foot is almost totally healed, but it will be a while before this baby is fixed. 🙁


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  1. I know how that hurts! I hope you had insurance on the screen.
  2. Oh no! I would freak if I was faced with that screen.
  3. Oh No! Now that's what I call a disaster - glad your foot is ok though :)
  4. Ouch, sorry Amy! Did you have insurance? Do you have another PC in the house?
  5. Ouch - that hurts, and I didn't even step on anything! Hope your "baby" gets better soon! ~EdT.
  6. oh no!! That's so sad!!
  7. Oh no!!! I think I would have cried lol. I've done something similar when stepping on my kid's toys. Brandi www.yeewittlethings.blogspot.ca
  8. OUch it looks like my neighbors she tripped over the dog with her and her hand came down on the screen. I am so sorry for you both. But I am glad she was not hurt and that your foot is almost healed. I am so surprised it has not happened to me yet with all the toys in my house.
  9. okay... now I want to cry!
  10. I know your pain! I dropped my laptop but thought it was covered under a warranty. It was not. *wipes tear* -r
  11. Ouch! I'm sorry for your loss :(
  12. Oh no! That is a serious bummer.
  13. courtney b says
    eek that sucks! well if it makes you feel better my ipad screen just broke:(
  14. My laptop screen just broke after a fall too! It must be the season for broken screens. I hope you get it fixed soon.
  15. So sorry about your mac =(
  16. ouch! when i bought my sony vaio laptop i was so happy that they have accidental insurance...which even includes crazy drops and apples juice spills! i missed the linky, but please check out my ww http://peekababyny.com/newyork/post-1119/