What you can do to save military marriages #MarriageOps + Applebee’s GivAway!

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Grab a tissue before watching the video below.

My husband hasn’t been deployed yet. The most separation we’ve had to deal with has been his 5 weeks at training. I didn’t realize how much I missed my husband until we met him in the airport and I started sobbing.  I can’t imagine what I’ll feel the first time he comes home from a deployment.

I was saddened, but not surprised, when I read that military divorces have increased 42% since 2001.  The soldiers coming home are dealing with so much more than just being separated from their families for a long time.  It is sad to think that in addition to all the lives being sacrificed for our country there are now a growing number of marriages being sacrificed as well.

You can help! Awareness is the first step. Share this post or this widget with your friends on facebook and twitter.

You can also:

  • Donate!  Text OPS to 80888 and donate $10.00 to help our men and women in the military strengthen their marriage by attending an event showcasing The Art of Marriage! Less than the price of two cups of coffee!
  • Check out the Five Date Ideas!  It’s not just military men and women who need help with their relationships. Here are five great inspirational date ideas that will help bring you closer to your partner!

As a thank you I’ll be giving away a $20 gift card to Applebee’s!

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  1. i like the "into the wild" one--sounds like fun :)
  2. I like the 3+1 date idea :-)
  3. Ashley Hatten says
    3+1 idea! thanks!
  4. group cookout! family74014 at gmail dot com
  5. Julie Lynn Bickham says
    Into the Wild! :)
  6. 3+1 idea is my favorite
  7. kelly schirado says
    into the WILD
  8. Kelly A. Tanner says
    3 + 1 is my favorite. I want to try it!
  9. into the wild! annae07 at aol dot com
  10. I like the dancing lessons. janetfaye (at) gmail (dot) com
  11. sara wood says
    Into the wild, different and fun!
  12. Kristin Sawatzke says
    I like 3+1 idea!
  13. Joy Newlan says
    3+1. Lately we have just been enjoying walking to the mailbox alone hand in hand..
  14. Group cook off kport207 at gmail dot com
  15. I like to go visit 3 different places!
  16. Stephanie says
    Into the wild!
  17. Corey Olomon says
    I liked "Into the Wild".
  18. Katharina says
    I'm choosing 3+1 because I like those kinds of road trips and because we've already done something similar. It's great! Katharina angelsandmusic[at]gmail[dot]com
  19. twitted this today
  20. Adrienne gordon says
    group cookoff would be fun
  21. carla garcia says
    I like dates with something like mini golf or go cart riding. stuff like that
  22. paige chandler says
    INTO THE WILD baby!
  23. April Brenay says
    When my hubby was deployed we did a lot of instant message dates. We'd find a resturant online and say what we would order and so on. it was fun :)
  24. Louise B says
    into the wild
  25. I liked the 3 + 1 date idea the best. It would bring back a lot of old memories and create a new one. abfantom at yahoo dot com
  26. Amelia Ramey says
    I'd lie to go to 3 different places! :-)
  27. Susan Smith says
    I like 3+1 idea!
  28. I love the Into the Wild idea...but we're nature people.
  29. Margaret Smith says
    My favorite idea is the 3 & 1 idea. Thanks so much
  30. Erika P. says
    I like the Group Cookoff idea.
  31. Paula Tavernie says
    A nice long quiet walk in the park would be nice! Thank You! ptavernie at yahoo dot com
  32. Samantha Rose-Sinclair says
    i like the 3+1 date idea!
  33. Group cookout. austma7@aol.com
  34. I like the 3+1 date idea.
  35. Douglas Houston says
    I the Into the Wild idea.
  36. tricia dunkle says
    I love into the wild
  37. Our favorite date night is at home---after the kids are in bed, we get take-out, get in jammies, and watch a movie together. No babysitter, low cost, and so relaxing!
  38. my idea is dinner and a movie. only one of you picks the movie one picks dinner and then next time switch it up! ferriza2(at)yahoo(dot)com
  39. All great but 3+1 is my fav :D
  40. Tabathia B says
    We have a park that's along a boardwalk and I think a nice walk is a great date idea
  41. I like into the wild.
  42. sheryl cullum says
    3+1 idea is my favorite
  43. Well for me it's 3+1..
  44. I like number 3 + 1
  45. Cynthia C says
    I like the Group Cookoff idea
  46. twitted this giveaway today
  47. EMMA L HORTON says
  48. Into the Wild for me! dolniaks at consolidated dot net
  49. crystle tellerday says
    into the wild
  50. Barbara Montag says
    We like the Group Cookoff! Thank you.
  51. I like 3+1
  52. Kristy Thiel says
    I really like the group cookoff!
  53. Amy Zachek says
    The Group Cookoff sounds great! Everyone I know could really get into that.
  54. DeeAnn S says
    Fast food on the boardwalk and a slow walk on the beach is our perfect date night. Thanks.
  55. Order Chinese and watch a movie.
  56. christine jessamine says
    love into the wild
  57. Eileen Burke says
    Into the Wild!
  58. I am not dating now I'm a widow not interested but i like plays, dinner
  59. Monique Rizzo says
    I like the Group Cookout. Thanks for the chance. mogrill12@gmail.com
  60. Richard Morris says
    my favorite was intothe wild
  61. Rebecca Graham says
    I like the 3 + 1 idea.
  62. Denise B. says
    We actually prefer to go out as a family. So, we don't do date nights.
  63. Stacey B says
    My fav idea is definitely the 3 in 1
  64. Suzanne K says
    I like dance night date!
  65. I would like into the wild.
  66. Sarah Hirsch says
  67. 3+1
  68. INTO THE WILD strawberrykidssales@gmail.com
  69. Jason Crooks says
    I think the 3+1 idea would be something very enjoyable.
  70. I like the dancing idea.
  71. amberlyn Johnson says
    I like 3+1 idea!
  72. I like the 3 + 1 Idea.
  73. Rebecca Orr says
    My guy and I like to take long drives on country roads we have never been on just to see where they will take us.. We grab some snacks and drinks and just roll down the windows and turn up the music. Sometimes we talk. Other times we sing a long with the music. It really helps us connect. bekki1820cb at gmail dot com
  74. I love the 3+1 idea.
  75. Robyn Galloway says
    I like the "in to the wild" idea
  76. I like the in to the wild idea
  77. Get grandma and grandpa to watch the kids so you can have some quality alone time, and take time to hold hands.
  78. Mallory Nichols says
    I would love to try the 3 + 1 idea! Sounds like it would be a lot of fun to relive some of our favorite memories :) Thanks for the giveway!
  79. I choose Into the Wild!
  80. Into the Wild is my favorite!
  81. Lauren Garrett says
    I like the 3+1
  82. Jessica B says
    3+1 idea
  83. Crystal F says
    I like the dance idea. Thank you!!
  84. kyl neusch says
    the into the wild
  85. Susan Ladd says
    Into the Wild sounds like fun. I want to thank you for the awesome sweep and hope to win :)
  86. Into the Wild!
  87. As formal an evening as possible - we're home alot - everynight - we don't get out often at all so a really Formal evening would be ideal!!
  88. Homemade dinner, dessert and a dvd movie.
  89. I like the group cookout
  90. Erica C. says
    I like the 3+1 idea.
  91. Valerie Taylor Mabrey says
    Group Cookout vmkids3 at msn dot com
  92. Debbie C says
    I like the Group Cookout idea. chrisdeglen(at)gmail(dot)com
  93. I like the group cookout
  94. Alisha L. says
    I think the Road Trip idea sounds fun! bakergurl02 (at) yahoo (dot) com
  95. The 3+1 idea sounds great! :)
  96. Ashley Morrissey says
    I like the dinner/dancing dates the best! Always romantic and fun. -Ashley Marie Morrissey ashleymorrissey90(at)yahoo(dot)com
  97. Christina says
    A great date idea, I think, would be an experience neither had before (like a hot air balloon ride) so that you could experience it for the first time together!
  98. Desiree Dunbar says
    Dance With Me sounds fun.
  99. fave idea GROUP COOKOFF Here’s your chance to team up with your spouse to test out your culinary chops. Take on your friends or a group of friends in the kitchen to see who the top chef really is.
  100. kathy pease says
    honestly we are homebodies and love to watch movies from netflix or redbox and order a large pizza with the works :)
  101. Nothing beats a night of dancing and cocktails!
  102. Juli Guthrie says
    My favorite date night consists of a rock concert with my husband. :) Thanks for the chance!
  103. Bonnigene says
    The 3+1 idea is my favorite, but I really love the surprise of just leaving the house and seeing what looks interesting when we get to town.
  104. Dara Nix says
    I like the "DANCE WITH ME" idea! We have talked about doing this for YEARS, but have never done it for one reason or another!
  105. Our favorite date night is dinner and shopping without the kids
  106. I love the Into the Wild one.
  107. Jen Harriman says
    Into the wild sounds like the most fun to me!!
  108. out into the wild
  109. Into the Wild fastkat at gmail dot com
  110. Into the Wild
  111. Debra Hall says
    i really like the dancing lessons
  112. My favorite is the Into The Wild
  113. melissa Resnick says
    love coking dinner with my husband the our private date nite afterwards
  114. i like # 3
  115. Jessica T. says
    I like the 3+1 idea best.
  116. Melanie Montgomery says
    I wanna have a date with my hubby where we each cook each other from our cultures..(Im cajun and he is cuban.)
  117. Kathryn C. says
    I like the Dance with Me Idea. Thanks for the giveaway! katbirdfl (at) gmail (dot) com
  118. Penny Kathleen says
    Into the wild sounds really fun!
  119. group cookout! :-p
  120. I like the into the wild date idea
  121. the group cookout sounds fun nblexp ( at ) gmail (dot) com
  122. I like the Into the wild one! I like adventures!
  123. Javine Mckenzie says
    into the wild
  124. I like the 3+1
  125. The group cookoff sounds like the most fun. Thanks for the giveaway.
  126. I like the interview idea
  127. into the wild sounds like a winner to me brich22 at earthlink dot net
  128. joseph gersch jr says
    into the wild
  129. Ashley Tucker says
    Into the wild!
  130. tracey byram says
    The 3+1 date sounds wonderful.
  131. Coriander Warren says
    The into the wild one sounds cool!
  132. Danielle T says
    into the wild! i like that idea
  133. I love to try the 3+1 date idea
  134. I like the Dance With Me Idea
  135. Kathleen Downes says
    Into the wild
  136. susan varney says
    i like the dance with me idea
  137. mary gardner says
    dinner and dancing marygardner49 at aol dot com
  138. I like the 3+1 idea
  139. Terry Cross says
    I like the 3 + 1 date
  140. group cookout
  141. I like the Dance idea.
  142. I would prefer walking on the beach and having a picnic in front of the ocean.
  143. Darlene Owen says
    I like the 3 in 1 the best
  144. I like the Group Cookoff idea anything that involves food
  145. Brittney House says
    into the wild sounds nice.
  146. Stay home and my idea is to watch old black white movies and snack
  147. I love the 3+1 Date Idea. shawn113(at)hotmail(dot)com
  148. I love the 3+1 idea!!!
  149. Lisa Garner says
    I think The Interview date idea sounds fun!
  150. lucas nelson says
    i like the into the wild one
  151. amy deeter says
    into the wild amy16323(at)gmail(dot)com
  152. Amy DeLong says
    3 +1 would like ardelong2(at)gmail(dot)com
  153. Katherine says
    I like the idea of The Interview: Go ahead and bust out the camera. You’re about to interview your loved one to learn new insights and make new discoveries. Take turns filming each other while answering meaningful questions in a fun way.
  154. Barbara Hunt says
    Thanks for the great contest! bahjeep@aol.com
  155. Sushi at a place with great music!
  156. Christy Weller says
    I like the 3+1 idea cweller75@gmail.com
  157. 3+1 is my fav.
  158. Deborah Wallin says
    We enjoy dinner and a movie. wallindeb@yahoo.com
  159. Kendra Gillilan says
    into the wild thanks
  160. Into the wild! :)
  161. Charity S says
    3 + 1 idea.
  162. shirley pebbles says
    I like the into the wild one. fb/ shirley greenawalt zolenski twitter,gfc,stumble/ daveshir2005 google +/ shirley pebbles
  163. Into the wild is my favorite.
  164. Jessica Davis says
    3 + 1
  165. i like the 3 in one idea for a date
  166. Group cookout