Walk and Work with Style! #Win Sony Wi-fi Camera & More! Total prize value $1000+

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Welcome to the Mega Prize Giveaway

Walk & Work With Style

March 1-18, 2012

Walk and Work with Style giveaway

Sponsored by:

The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research

And Hosted by:

Celebrate Woman Today

The Modern Babble

Adventures of A Couponista

The Prizes You will be competing for:

Sony Wi-Fi Camera ~ 2 Winners

Sony wi-fi camera

Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB ~ 2 Winners

Kingston wi-drive

Sports Watches with Rhinestone Bezel ~ 4 Winners

sports watches with rhinestone bezzle

Total Prize Value: $1000+

We live in times when comfort and style really matter. That’s why we chose to go with the prizes that are very handy for anybody in this busy life. These products will definitely contribute to your work, to your hobby, to your creative projects.

All this is possible with the help of The Amazon Center for Environmental Education and Research. What is it? It is closer to home than you may think. This non-profit Foundation puts forward all its resources into education and active involvement of people like you and I in the conservation of the Rainforest. It does it with workshops, trips to the Peruvian Amazon, connecting educational institutions with each other, and supporting indiginous people.

Do we really care if the Rainforest vanishes from the face of the Earth? You bet. And you’d better be proactive NOW. If all of the Rainforest goes away, we will be experiencing one of those cataclizms like in a horrific movie.

We want to continue to live, and to blog. And blog happily.

Let’s celebrate our connections with each other and with Nature.

Let’s Walk & Work With Style, while always caring about the interconnectidness of this Universe.

We would love to Thank All These Great Blogs who came through strongly with their support for this occassion. Our applause to each and every one of you:

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  1. Margaret Smith says
    I'd love the Sony Wi-Fi Camera to carry in my purse to grab all those special moments with my kids.
  2. I would love the sport watch so I can get in shape!
  3. Robert F says
    I'd like the Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB to share files between our laptops
  4. I love the wi Drive need it so badly
  5. The Sony WiFi camera
  6. Jodi Kershuk says
    I would love to win the Wi-Drive
  7. Hello, I really could use a new camera, I found out last night that my camera isn't compatible with windows 7 and had the hardest time trying to download my images, I need an upgrade. Thanks for a great giveaway!
  8. Marlene V says
    My kids would love me if I won any of this for them!!!
  9. I would love the sportwatch so I can see how well I am doing (or not doing)
  10. I would love to win the Wi-Fi Sony Camera because I don't have one!
  11. Followed you on G+ & FNB from the hop. Hope you follow back.
  12. Georgely N. says
    I'd like to be able to win some of the prizes out there. How do I increase the chance of winning? Thanks for sharing this post to us. -Georgely
  13. This is really great! I envy that Sony wi-fi camera.. I so love it! I would really be glad to join this. Thanks for sharing..
  14. Corey Olomon says
    I would love any of the three, but my favorite would have to be the wi-fi camera.
  15. Preciouss says
    The Sony Wi-Fi Camera is really awesome and a lot of people will want to win one...I hope I can win!
  16. Devona Fryer says
    I'd like to give my husband the sport's watch
  17. Chezianne says
    Everyone wants to win! Me I want the Sony Wifi Camera...It looks fashionable...I really want it badly...
  18. I don't have any of these items and would greatly appreciate them.
  19. I would love to win any of these prizes. Thank you for the chance.
  20. If all of the Rainforest goes away, we will be experiencing one of those cataclizms like in a horrific movie.
  21. Sony is really a great brand. I love this new camera! And what is really good about this is, it's Wi-Fi. Thanks for sharing this.. Good job!
  22. Deanne35 says
    I'm dying to have this Sony Wi-Fi Camera! It's very portable and it's so funky! Thanks for the good news!
  23. I really love your prizes especially the Sony Wi-Fi Camera.. I really hope to win it! :)
  24. Queenie20 says
    I really love to have the Sports Watches with Rhinestone Bezel.. It will really look good on me.. :)
  25. This is awesome! i hope i can avail this this giveaways. Specially the Kingston Wi-Drive . Thanks for the post!
  26. This is the most fabulous giveaways I've ever seen in a blog site! I want to have the Sony Wi-Fi Camera. Awesome!
  27. Wi-fi camera is what I am looking at...I want to win!
  28. The wi-fi camera for sure!
  29. This Kingston Wi-Drive 32GB really catch my beautiful eyes, I love its beauty and I know its great...
  30. Great giveaway! I would love that camera!
  31. man this is hard! I'd probably want the Kingston, followed by the camera, followed by the watch. :) Tam S.
  32. I would love to get the camera with wifi because it would make it so easy to share special baby moments with family and friends.
  33. Diane45 @womensextenzereview says
  34. Cynthia P says
    THanks for this opportunity. We could really use the camera. Our screen is broken on ours so it is a guessing game on how pictures will come out. We have our first family vacy to disney coming up soon and this would be a blessing. Memories I can look back on and maybe have some GREAT pictures to print!! Thank you again for this chance
  35. I would like the Wi-Fi Sony Camera because my current camera doesn't always work.
  36. I love all your prizes especially the watch it looks so sporty with style.. :)
  37. I want to have this kind of camera looks like nice to use..thanks for sharing this to us..
  38. Nice kind of camera I want to have one thanks for sharing this post to us..