The Cutest Infant Socks and Booties! – SOXO Review

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I love to accessorize.  Especially when I have somewhere to go.  A party, a girl’s night, and the date night with my hubby.  So when it comes to my kids I think it’s fun to have some cute little things to dress them up with.  Well at SOXO they have some of the cutest socks and booties for the little ones.  And not only are they cute but they are fun.  Some of the socks have cute little rattles on their toes so when your baby kicks their legs they can hear the rattle.  Such a fun learning tool for them!

SOXO is based in Poland and for the last 10 years they have supplied socks, hosiery, slippers and accessories to major international retailers in Central and Eastern Europe.  This year they are entering the North American retail market and will be debuting at the Las Vegas Magic Fair in August.  Some of their best sellers are rattle socks and moccasin slippers for infants.  Look at these cute rattle socks!

This pair of rattle socks comes with a matching bib.

And the moccasin slippers.  They even have leather soles!

We were able to try out a variety of socks, slippers, moccasins and booties.  Look at all these cute accessories!  Some of them even come with toys and bibs!

I think these were my favorite socks.  They had jewels in the shape of a heart!  Sorry it’s hard to see the heart shape, I couldn’t get my little sweetheart to keep her feet still!  I washed these and the jewels stayed on so they seemed really nice quality.

Also, I loved these cute little slippers.  It’s hard to see but they are pink with pink and blue flowers all over them.  They are adorable!  I liked  that they have an elastic around the heel so you stretch it to put on but then its stays on her foot.  She couldn’t kick them off!

SOXO has a wide variety of baby items, and they come in all different sizes for your little ones.   They are fun, cute and very nice quality.  They use 100% leather on the moccasins!  So nice!  I think these would make really cute presents for your own kids or they would be a cute added accessory to any baby shower present.  They also have accessories for men and women so you don’t feel left out! You can view latest catalog online here or check out their website here.

Disclosure: I was provided the above mentioned products by the company, at no cost to myself in order for my honest opinions.


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