Super Cute and Easy Polka Dot Easter Eggs

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I am obsessed with Pinterest.  I think I’m on there at least two or three times a day.  I love looking at decorating ideas, finding new recipes, and getting parenting ideas.  Well I had seen a really cute idea for decorating Easter eggs.  All you need is three things.


Eggs, Glue Dots, and Colored Sand (or glitter)
First boil the eggs.  I did mine for 10 minutes.

Then put a glue dot on the egg and dip it in the sand.

This is what it will look like.  I patted it with my finger to make sure it the stuck on.

Then keep repeating all over the eggs and here is your finished project!  So easy!

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  1. That is so cute Amy. I have to try this!!
  2. Stephanie says
    very cute
  3. That's so cool! Thank you Amy! I'm going to do this next Easter. :)
  4. Trasina McGahey says
    Very cute and easy! When I saw the title alone before reading the article I thought it would be the old crayon trick. I bet this would work well if you colored the eggs and then added the dots too!
  5. Looks cute! I like this idea
  6. Mary Gallardo says
    these look so cute and easy! i love when it is time to decorate easter eggs! so much fun. =)
  7. These eggs are so cute! I will definitely have to try to remember this next spring!
  8. cute dots!
  9. oh these are super cute! great idea, id love to try it