Squinkies Zinkies – Review

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This year my daughter is in Preschool.  She just goes to a little place down the road with a couple of friends.  Her teacher has the cutest little classroom set up in their basement and one of my daughter’s favorite things is Show and Tell.  They do it every Friday and sometimes they have to come with something specific like snow boats or gloves because they were talking about the weather but most of the time they can bring whatever they want.  Well apparently a kid in her class brought these little toys called Squinkies the other day.  I had never heard of them before but apparently they are quite popular.  So when I had the chance to check out the Squinkies Zinkies I just had to see what they were all about.

Squinkies Zinkies are made by Blip toys.  Blip toys were established in 2000 and they are a fast reacting toy manufacturer.  They focus on creating innovative new products that interest both boys and girls.  Blip Toys first created the Squinkies and now they have taken the Squinkies and shrunk them into Zinkies!  They are teeny, tiny and squashy.  They are about half the size of Squinkies and each Zinkies comes in their own plastic toy bubble that pops open to reveal a “Surprise Inside!”   Each set also includes a set of squeezers and a magnifying glass so you can handle your Zinkies with love and care.  Each set comes with twelve Zinkies and 4 of them are hidden in colored bubbles making it a surprise when you open it up!  Squinkies Zinkies have all the detail of full sized Squinkies but they are smaller that the tip of your pinkie!  They are just so cute!

So we were able to try out two different sets of the Squinkies Zinkies.  The Snug as a Bug Sunflower and the Tiny Tea Party Teacups

She seriously had so much fun playing with these Zinkies.  She ask’s everyday to get them out.  Here she is using the tweezers to place a Zinkies in a tea cup.


This is her collection of Zinkies now.  She loves how many there are

A couple of the balls were orange or yellow so you couldn’t see what was inside.  So once she opened it up and saw the duck inside she got really excited.  She says it is her favorite one.

I thought the Squinkies Zinkies were a really cute toy.  They have definitely entertained her for hours.  I was concerned that they were so small but she has lots of fun with them.  But they are definitely a toy that she only gets to play with when her little brother and sister aren’t around.  They are just too small for little children.  The recommended age for Zinkies is 4+ and I would agree with that.

You can stay up to date with Squinkies Zinkies by visiting their website or by following the Squinkies Blog, Facebook page or Twitter feed.  Squinkies Zinkies can be purchased at retailers nationwide including Target, Walmart and Toy R Us.

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