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When I was pregnant with Little Brother I was determined that I was going to get the perfect stroller.  I know everyone has different visions of the perfect stroller, but with my older son 2 1/2 years old at the time my younger son was born I settled on the Joovy Caboose Ultralight. It has been one of the best baby items I’ve ever purchased. It is more compact than any other sit and stand, lighter than my single stroller, and has hauled 4 children at one time through the streets of Disneyland.  I’ve been a Joovy Mom long before I had a badge to place on my site. LOL

My Joovy Caboose, however, isn’t really what I’m here to talk about today.  Given my love for my Joovy Caboose, can you imagine how absolutely ecstatic I was when I heard that I was chosen to be a Joovy Mom? Thankfully I was restrained in a seatbelt when I found out or I’d have knocked over my husband. 🙂

Before moving to San Antonio I had a gym membership. I’d take my kids to the gym daycare and then go workout.  Where we live now, the closest gym too far for me to justify driving to every day to exercise. There is just something weird about getting in your car and driving 15+ minutes to then work out on a stationary bike or treadmill. However, I have had difficulty finding a method of exercise I can engage in with my 2 kids at home.

Yesterday, I talked about beginning my new exercise routine.  This has been made possible thanks to my newJoovy CocoonX2.  This bad boy is awesome!  Not only does it look super cool, but it is easy to push, and my boys love riding in it.  Normally, my husband doesn’t really have much an opinion on the products I get for my kids, but I think he’s kind of taken with the CocoonX2!  He keeps remarking on what great quality it is and how well it is designed (on a scale of how excited he gets about things, that means he’s really excited).

My boys were just as excited when I was when the stroller came. They had to try it out right away!

I received the Joovy CocoonX2 stroller which comes with the Cocoon pneumatic front stroller wheels. I also received the jogging wheel and bicycle trailer attachments (jogging wheel and bicycle trailer attachment are sold separately).

The CocoonX2 features 2 pneumatic front wheels and 2 20″pneumatic rear wheels.  This makes for a very smooth ride for the boys.  It also allows the stroller to drive smoothly over various surfaces, including snow, slightly rocky surfaces, etc.  The inside of the stroller is also designed with the comfort of the riders in mind. Each side of the stroller has a large vinyl window so the kids can enjoy the view as they ride. The front of the stroller has a mesh zip down cover to keep bugs or debris out while letting kids enjoy the fresh air and scenery. If the weather gets a little wet there is a roll down vinyl cover with to prevent moisture from entering the mesh cover.  This cover has been so wonderful for the misty mornings! I love running in the cool mist that we’ve been having lately in the mornings, but the boys get a little chilled so I just close the vinyl cover and off we go.

All set to go on a run! (With the fixed jogging wheel)

The bench seat is lightly padded, a feature you don’t often see in bike trailers.  The inside (like any double bike trailer) is a tight fit for both the boys, but they should both fit in there for quite a while yet. The close quarters is great for teaching them to tolerate being in such close proximity.  The area where the boys rest their feet is lined with a foot pad to prevent wear and tear on the stroller material. Currently, the only room I see for improvement I see in this stroller is to extend this foot pad.  I’d love to see the foot pad material continue up to where the inside zipper is.  My kids have a tendency to rest their feet against the unprotected material of the stroller where there is no wear and tear protection.

The 2 front stroller wheels on the CocoonX2 are great for if you lead an active lifestyle.  I wouldn’t use the standard wheels for running (I tried it and, though it is possible to run with them, you’ll get unnecessary wear on your wheels and will occasionally find the wheels rattle uncontrollably).  I use the fixed jogging wheel most often.  Since receiving the stroller I’ve taken the boys out on a run almost every weekday morning. I LOVE IT!!!  The fixed jogging wheel has a bit of a learning curve, but that is true of any fixed wheel jogger.

I’ve actually never liked running before, but now…there is just something fun about running my kids in the CocoonX2 to the park, playing for half an hour, and running back.  My boys love it too!  Though the CocoonX2 is cozy inside it features large windows on all sides.  They enjoy looking at all the things going on outside as we run.  We haven’t been able to take them out with the bike trailer attachment yet, but will as soon as these crazy storms pass us by.

Hooked up to the bike with the bike trailer attachment.

Excuse the indoor picture.  It was hailing outside when we took this picture.

For a more in depth look at the Joovy CocoonX2 take a look at my video review:

The Joovy CocoonX2 retails for $549.99 and the jogging wheel and bike trailer attachments retail each for $69.99.  If you’re like me and you need to justify large purchases, just think of it as about what you’d pay for a year membership + childcare at your local gym.  Not bad considering you’ll get several years of use out of your Joovy Cocoon.  You can learn more about and purchase the Joovy CocoonX2 at

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    • With a baby on the way you will want to consider one thing I didn't mention in my review and that is that this stroller does not accommodate an infant seat. Infants must be able to sit up to ride in the stroller and I believe Joovy recommends they be 1 year old before they ride in the stroller when it is attached to a bike. Once you get past the early infant stages thought this is one sweet stroller.
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