GlassDharma Reusable Drinking Straws- Review and GivAway!

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I’m kind of a most things in moderation kind of gal.  I don’t have extreme viewpoints.  When it comes to being green and eco-friendly I believe that we are stewards of the earth and that it is our job to be good stewards, however, I’m not a zealot. A lot of the eco-friendly products I come across are very cool, but some are a little extreme…or are they?  You know the phrase, “you never know until you try”? The following is my experience with that.

Some months ago I saw a review for glass drinking straws.  I instantly jumped to the conclusion that glass drinking straws were taking the eco-friendly thing way too far.  It wasn’t the eliminating waste from drinking straws that concerned me.  What concerned me is that in an effort to reduce our drinking straw trash that we would give our children glass drinking straws.  My youngest chews on his straws and I just knew that glass straws would be disastrous in his mouth.

Then I received an email from GlassDharma asking if I’d like to review their glass straws. I checked out the website and was quite enlightened.  GlassDharma straws are made with “borosilicate glass because it is the strongest commercially available glass on the market.  It is the same type of glass that your vintage glass coffee pot or your Pyrex® pie plate is made from.”  Now, I get it. 😉  GlassDharma straws are so durable that they have a lifetime guarantee on every straw they sell.  If it cracks, chips, or breaks they will replace it.

I am standing corrected in my assumptions about glass straws.  We’ve loved these straws from day one!  Not only will we never have to buy throw away straws again, but they are fun, and can add a touch of class to a regular drink.  They are great for entertaining guests and for everyday use at home.  They are very easy to clean because they are totally dishwasher safe.  My boys and my husband love them too.  We received two Beautiful Bends straws (pictured on the right), a Decorative Dots Sipper Straw (pictured below), and a Decorative Dots Ice Tea size straw.  My favorite are the Decorative Dots straws.  They are so cool looking.  I need to order a few more of these so we have enough for when company comes.  The 6 inch Decorative Dots Sipper straws are just the right size for my boys’ straw cups!

GlassDharma Straws prices start at $6.50 for individual straws and $28 for straw sets. You can also purchase itty bitty cleaning brushes and soft hemp sleeves to carry your straws around in.

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  1. I almost skipped on reading this, because, really? Glass straws? But now I want one. ;) Seem a bit pricy, but Pyrex-like quality tends to be. I'm sure I'll end up ordering some eventually.
  2. would love to review these - was telling my hubby about them - but he's not sure we'd like them well enough to spend the $$. Would love to win, just to try them!
    • Yeah, my husband was the same, but after he tried them he totally loved them. He thought they looked cool, and loved not having to use the cheapo throw away straws any more.
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