Don’t let your kids’ first experience with a dog be a Doggie Fail. Check this out!

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When I was about ten years old my family was given a dog; a little beagle.  My brothers and sisters and I were so excited! We’d never had a dog before, and we knew that a dog would be so entertaining and such fun to play with.  What we giddy little children didn’t anticipate, however, was the amount of care that this little puppy would require.  We had no idea the amount of energy that was bundled up in this little beagle of ours.

We began our life with that little beagle as excited as little children can be, but the daily walks, the ever multiplying holes in in our yard, and the constant escapes soon became too much for us to handle.  We didn’t understand the needs of our exuberant little doggie.  Had we had more preparation, had we known that dogs need plenty of space to run, play, and dig, had we been a little more organized we may have a successful doggie venture.  Instead, our excitement about our new family member soon waned and turned into frustration.

Does this sounds familiar? I’ll think I can safely assume that we’ve all either been there or know a family who has.  It was families like ours and kids like my siblings and I that Sandy Fries had in mind when writing his e-book Toby the Doggie.  If you read my recent review of Toby the Doggie then you know that this e-book is the perfect combination of fun story and fun, yet practical, activity pages to help kids put into practice all those tips and habits that will make their transition to new dog owners as smooth as possible.  Toby the Doggie is great for kids of all ages.  Even my 2 year old–who is a bit too young for the activity pages–enjoys the book!


Toby the Doggie e-book is just $2.99 which, I think, is a steal for what you are getting with the story and 7 activity pages. There are lots of fun doggie facts, a daily checklist for your kid’s doggie duties, as well as other helpful pages that will teach your child how to keep their dog safe and healthy.  Toby the Doggie is available for purchase in e-book format at iTunes,, and  You can download this book to your iPod, iPad, iPhone, Kindle, or any other smartphone, tablet, or eReader device.


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  1. I've always been a little worried about getting a dog for our daughter since I just have this feeling that I will end up doing all of the work. I think I'll grab the book you suggest and let her read it - maybe then we'll both know what we are getting into.
    • I think the activity pages really help kids get a grasp on the responsibility that comes with having a dog, and then helps them take pride in their hard work. Let me know what you think of the book.
  2. Do they have one for the dog to read? Because in our case, it's the dog who has to know what he's getting into!
  3. Oh, muffin! I remember going out in my pjs and picking up all the trash that had been strewn across the yard after she had dug yet another hole. I'll have to remember this book for future years! thank amy.
    • Yep, that was Muffin alright. Poor dog! We definitely weren't prepared to take care of her, nor was she prepared to deal with all of us.
  4. courtney b says
    aww my little girl loves doggies so this is perfect. thanks!