5 Convenient Gift Ideas for Mother’s and Father’s Day

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Mother’s Day is a wonderful opportunity to express to the mothers in our lives how much they mean to us.  Occasionally–well, quite often, actually–it can be difficult given the distance that most people now live from their parents and grandparents to find meaningful gifts that are also convenient to send.  Here are 5 ideas to simplify your gift giving while still saying “I love you”.

  1. Homemade cards or presents from the kids.  Even more than the store bought gifts I’ve sent, the letters and pictures from my kids always receive the warmest reception.  I love having my kids dictate letters to their grandparents and to their dad.  I simply write out what they say.  Kids are genuine, heartfelt, and often quite hilarious.
  2. Framed pictures. The trickiest part of this one is to find just the right picture. If you’re sending to the grandparents, family pictures or pictures of the grandkids are usually winners.
  3. Photo aprons. Grilling season is coming! Let dad (or moms too) show off their favorite little stinker at their backyard barbeque. You can order these from your local drug store or grocery store as well as from many online retailers.
  4. Flowers. Even if you live far from your mom or dad you can order beautiful flowers from online florist services. These can be customized, personalized, and delivered.
  5. Experience or Adventure gifts.  This is a relatively new idea in the gift giving world.  There are several online retailers that will allow you to purchase experiences like guided snorkeling tours, cooking classes, bicycle excursions and many more.  For retailers try googling “experience gifts”.

I’m sure there are many other great gift ideas our there.  What are some heartfelt, yet convenient, gifts you’ve given for Mother’s or Father’s Day?



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  1. i like the adventure gifts plan! yay!
  2. My mom LOVES getting framed pictures as mother's day gifts. LOVE this list, thank you Amy!
  3. My in-laws love the framed pictures. It makes gift giving easy.
  4. wonderful ideas! we actually have a Father's Day tradition of me taking a picture of a card/sign our daughter is holding up (made out of scrapbook paper) that says "happy daddy's day". We started it his first Father's Day when he was away at training and he loved it, even teasingly asks if I'm going to make him a new one each year. (we have both the card and her cute picture framed in the hallway)
  5. I always enjoyed getting the handmade gifts. I still have a few.
  6. All of the gifts that I have loved over the years are time... either handmade gifts that the giver put time into or the gift of time - a massage, a chance to go out for dinner with hubby (babysitting) etc...
  7. Oh a picture apron is a great idea!!!
  8. I love giving flowers but i go the cheap way and pick them from my yard and actually alot of times the bouquet i create is just as good as a professional one