15 Healthy and Fun alternatives to Easter Candy

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This year The Husband and I have decided to revamp the way we are doing Easter.  For one thing we are separating Easter in to two days. Saturday will be a day for egg hunts and Easter baskets. Sunday will be a day to focus on the resurrection of Christ.  In addition to that change we’ve decided to forgo the candy this year in favor of some healthier alternatives.

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I polled some of my readers for this one so I could give you lots of ideas…

Easter Eggs are a bit challenging, but I was still able to come up with quite a few ideas.

Of course, any Easter Egg idea can also be used for Easter Baskets as well:

  1. Pennies or other change:  My kids love finding change to put in their piggy bank so this would be a perfect little egg filler!
  2. “Healthy” Fruit Snacks: Fruit snacks are considered candy at our house, but I recently found a new fruit snack at the store that is something like 66% fruit.  They are super yummy, and aren’t super expensive like some of the healthier candy and snacks can be.  They are Florida’s Natural Au’some Nuggets.  They come in pretty small packs so a whole pack would probably fit inside a larger sized egg.
  3. Gerber Graduates Yogurt Melts: I’ve done these in my kids eggs every Easter and they are always a big hit!
  4. Popcorn: It’s yum. ‘Nuff said.
  5. Seed Packets: These are great for the budding gardener.
  6. Raisins or Craisins: These border on candy, but they still have some good vitamins and antioxidants.
  7. Trail Mix: This is a great egg filler, just be considerate of any food allergies your child’s friends might have if you are having an Easter egg hunt with friends.
  8. Lego Minifigures: Do your kids love LEGOs? My son is obsessed with Star Wars lego figurines right now.  I thought the little figurines would make the perfect egg filler! You can purchase the minifigures at Toys R Us and in some grocery stores.
  9. Bouncy balls: Always a winner with the kids!
  10. Stickers or Rub on Tatoos: If you’ll have kids of both genders at the Easter egg hunt make sure you get gender neutral stickers.

 Here are 5 additional Ideas for Easter Baskets:

  1. Flash cards or a small game: Sorry, I can never resist the urge to get my kids something educational.
  2. Kids gardening tools: Spring is here and the planting season is or will soon be upon us.  Get your kids in on the action this year!
  3. Cookie Cutter Pineapple: Cut the pineapple as you normally would, then, using an Easter themed cookie cutter, cut out shapes.  You could colored baggies with a twist tie for cute presentation.
  4. Toys and Crayons.
  5. Framed Picture of You and/or your Spouse with your Child: This is one of those really-means-something gifts that your kids will cherish for years.

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  1. Great ideas! Easter Basket is not something I'm used to, but I grew up with the Easter Egg - normally filled with candy. I really like your suggestions for healthier egg fillers. When it comes to toys, you can find fun small natural toys for the Easter Basket at online retailers and Etsy ;)
  2. Great ideas! We'll be putting books, crayons & coloring book, and a new outfit in The Boy's. I love the idea of change...I think I'll put pennies in those plastic eggs, he loves money, too!
  3. Great ideas! I have a son with nut allergies so I am always looking for non-candy ideas!
  4. Cute ideas! Sunflower market sells packages of freeze dried organic fruit and veggies that Linc loves to snack on. Just throwing out another idea out there. :) Also, I'm so with you on the celebrating the sacred and secular aspects separately. We are going to be keeping the egg hunts to Saturay, too.
    • Oh, yeah. We used to get the freeze dried fruits at Sunflower too. We have a similar store out here called Sprouts. I think it might be the same chain. I'll have to check it out if I ever make it out there again (it's 30 minutes away).
  5. I think we will do pennies since my kid recently discovered money and is trying to save for a train ride at the mall. Another good option is bubbles (wedding favor size).