Wordless Wednesday (w/ linky): Just cause I thought it was funny…

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I was going through old pictures today, and because I laugh every time I see this picture, I thought I’d post it.

My mom and I were having fun in some little museum–can’t remember which one–in London.


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  1. Haha, that made me giggle! Happy Wednesday!
  2. Hilarious! We have a picture that we call daddy baby legs that is my husband holding our baby in hoodie. Anyways, sometimes you just need those pictures for a good laugh :)
  3. Ha! just charming.
  4. Funny! I need to find some blast from the past pictures.
  5. LOL! I can see why you laugh every time you see it. :-)
  6. Thanks for the linky! LOVE your photo!!!
  7. Too funny! It made me laugh too :) Thanks for the linky!
  8. Just laughed out loud at work, oops...
  9. You must've had so much fun with the photo!!!
  10. Very cute! LOL! Happy WW!
  11. Jessica @peekababy says
    Looks like so much fun!
  12. That is hilarious! lol :)
  13. hilarious!!!
  14. Oh my goodness, that's funny! Brave of you to share! LOL
  15. LOL!! I am cracking up!! That is hysterical!
  16. So funny! I love it!