Wordless Wednesday: An Unexpected Treat

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Last weekend I packed up the boys and we headed to the San Antonio Children’s museum so The Husband could have some quite time to work on his dissertation.  When I got to downtown I thought it curious that several intersections (right where we needed to go) were blocked off.  I managed to get to the parking garage and unload the kids.  We headed excitedly to the Children’s Museum ready to get our fun on only to find out, though all we had to do was cross the street to get there our way was completely blocked.

Come to find out, I had chosen the day of the big San Antonio Rodeo Parade to venture downtown.  Sure it was interesting, but my kids had come to play and not watch horses.  There are only so many different expressions a mom can use to point out a horse.  The boys lasted about 20 minutes (it was cold too) before I decided to seek warmth–and food–in a sandwich shop while we waited out the parade.

Here are some fun pictures of our day…

Finally, we made it to the musuem!

Mmm…now that looks good!

I think I’ll have me some of that!

Hey! What’s going on?  You didn’t tell me this thing was plastic! Grrr….


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  1. Ok, I for one would've totally stayed for the entire parade! LOL Those bulls are so awesome! And that pic of your son biting into that cake is hysterical!
  2. poor kiddo biting into that fake cake, lol
  3. Heather Baker says
    omg Texas! That is pretty...well Texas.
  4. The story and photographs were a fantastic share. Enjoyed the buffaloes and the plastic cake! Blessings, Debby
  5. Oh man, that fake cake looks pretty delicious... haha. Looks like an awesome day!