The Muse Mini Speaker with Bluetooth packs a powerful punch! Review and GivAway

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We live far away from both my husband’s and my family.  That seems to the growing trend in our global society.  My husband has immediate family in London, Utah, California, and Texas.  I have immediate family in Utah, California, Texas, Florida, Washington, and Brazil.  Wow!

With all of us spread across the world it is important that we be able to communicate with one another.  My boys love doing video chats with their grandmas and grandpas and aunts and uncles on my laptop.  Unfortunately the speakers on my MacBook are weak sauce.  It is extremely difficult to hear the person on the other end unless the laptop is on my lap.  If it is on my lap the person on the other end of the chat can’t see my boys…not very effective.  Instead we are resigned to saying, “What did you say?” every five seconds.

My mother-in-law suggested I get some speakers for my laptop, but it just didn’t seem practical to carry around bulky (small as they may be compared to other speakers) portable speakers with an ever tangled up mass of cords.  Then I received an email from letting me know about MuseMini speakers.

The Muse Mini portable speaker with bluetooth is just what I needed.  The simple looking little speaker is one of those big things that come in small packages.  Check out how small it is–and just so you know, my hands are very small…almost child sized.

You wouldn’t expect this thing to out perform your stereo, but it easily doubles the volume of my laptop speakers or my iPhone.  I actually tried to do a video review so you could hear the audio, but I suspect my camera has audio balancing capability so, despite the difference in the audio outputs between my laptop and the Muse Mini speaker, you really couldn’t make out much of a difference on the video.  Suffice it to say that the Muse Mini speaker was a full 2xs as loud as my laptop speakers.  It was so loud that my 2 year old who was standing next to me as I made the video said, “Turn off!  It’s too loud!”

The Muse Mini with Bluetooth can be used with the bluetooth settings on your devices (love this feature!), or it can be plugged into the headphone jack with the line-in cable.  The Muse Mini is small enough to carry around to use with your smart phone.  It is ideal for giving presentations or teach lessons in a mid sized room where a typical laptop speakers would be insufficient.  It is also practical for regular home use doing video chats, watching youtube, or online webcasts.

The Muse Mini with Bluetooth comes in white, black, silver, and pink and can be purchase at for $49.99.  Use the coupon code “Happy2012” for $15 off a Muse Mini Bluetooth Speaker!

Thanks to Muse Mini, one reader will win a silver Muse Mini speaker with bluetooth!

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  3. just to be sure you don't miss out.Use the coupon code at “Happy2012″ for $15 off a Muse Mini Bluetooth Speaker!
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