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As mothers, I like to think that we try to always offer the best to our children and our environment.  I know that is a goal that I strive to do.  I am not a pro by any means, but I do try to recycle and I enjoy growing our own fresh fruits and vegetables during the summer.   Well, when it comes to our newborns I think that this is especially necessary and I was so excited to come across a company that believes in those same ideas and that company is Motherlove Herbal Company.

Motherlove has been making natural, safe and effective products (without toxins) for women since before any other company thought it was necessary. Motherlove offers specially formulated products for pregnancy, birth, baby and breastfeeding.  Their products are made with certified organic herbs and ingredients and never contain mineral oil, lanolin, parabens, synthetic or artificial ingredients.  They also support organic farming and never test on animals.  I love hearing about companies that are great for us and the environment.  They really care about their products and their customers.

Motherlove has many different products for women and babies.  Products for us to use from the moment we are pregnant up to after the baby is born.  They have everything from pregnant belly oil and salve to start out with to birth & baby oil to help us during delivery.  For our baby’s they have diaper rash & thrush salve and their number one seller more milk.  And these are just a few of their products.  Check out their website for a full list of products.  They have a ton of helpful products that are safe for us and our babies.

I was able to try out the sitz bath spray

and the nipple cream.

The Motherlove’s sitz bath spray is a sitz bath in a convenient spray bottle!  It is an essential item to have on hand after labor and child birth which soothes sore perineal muscles, reduces swelling, slows bleeding and helps ease the discomfort of hemorrhoids.   Child birth does a number on my body.  I was very interested to see how the sitz bath spray worked.  It was a nice spray that I could use whenever I needed it.  I didn’t have to find time in my already busy day to take a bath.  Although I have to admit that sure would have been nice!

Motherlove’s organic nipple cream has a zero rating (zero toxins) on EWG’s skin deep database and is made with 100% certified organic ingredients.  It is an all natural herbal salve that quickly relieves the discomfort of sore, cracked, nursing nipples.  All ingredients are safe for ingestion so you don’t have to wash off before you start to feed your baby.  It also does not contain lanolin (which contains pesticides) or Vitamin E (which should not be ingested by infants).  I didn’t know that those two ingredients where bad for our babies so I was really interested in trying out their cream.  I liked the cream, and it worked well for me.  I liked that the texture was thin and would spread easily.  The only thing I didn’t like was the container.  It is hard to put my finger inside and scoop it out because it gets stuck under my finger nail.  ( I like to keep them long.)  But it really is a great product.

Motherlove Herbal Company is a great company that has great organic products for mom and baby all while being great for the environment.  I highly recommend them and I hear the more milk plus is awesome!  So check them out!

Disclosure: I was provided the above mentioned products by the company, at no cost to myself in order for my honest opinions.

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  1. These sound like soothing products for new moms. Thanks for the info!
  2. I have two nieces that are preggers, so I will mention these to them! Thanks.
  3. Where was all this soothing relief when I was having babies.....they would however make awesome shower gifts, I'm so jealous!
  4. I love their nipple cream! My son was tongue tied... till today Hooray! and if it wasn't for Motherlove nipple cream, I don't know that I would have been able to keep nursing. I will definitely gift this to new mommies who are going to breastfeed.
  5. my good friend is preggo- i will save this :)
  6. These sound like great products for new moms. Thanks for sharing them with us.
  7. I have tried a couple of their products and loved them! I am always looking for natural alternatives!
  8. these are great products- i've used both the green salve and thrush products and love how soothing and natural they are!