Know these tips before you start your Spring Cleaning

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As the cold winter nights begin to wind down and March rears its head, that special time of the year is about to begin! Spring cleaning is everyone’s favorite time of the year (this is to be read with a hint of sarcasm). From eliminating dust bunnies, to cleaning out the monsters that may be hiding in your fridge, spring cleaning is not something people tend to be excited about. If you do plan on participating in everyone’s favorite festival, here are some tips to help you with cleaning.

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-Declutter your home before cleaning. How can you clean your home when there is no space to move around? Decluttering your home can be a pre-spring cleaning project. Take a few minutes out of your day and move a few things around. Do you have any bulky unused appliances or pieces of furniture? Think about storing it in a storage unit. Make a pile for things that you want to keep, and things you wouldn’t mind getting rid of. If you’re anything like me, collecting various magazines and event programs can create a cluttered mess. Store things that you would want to save in a storage unit while tossing unnecessary things away. The first step to cleaning your home is to open up your living environment. Make your home look less cramped and give yourself space to clean!

Plan your attack strategy. Making a to-do list of what needs to be cleaned will only help you finish your goals. List what you need to clean, what you should clean, and what you want to clean. Assign different project by time and date. Group projects in the same room and do them in one or two days. Having a line of attack can help you efficiently finish your spring cleaning goals.

-Do you have enough cleaning products? Make sure you do. If you run out of that special brand of floor cleaner while cleaning your kitchen, you may accidentally give yourself an excuse to be lazy and put it off. Take a stock of your cleaning products. Not too keen in using chemicals? There are many alternatives to cleaning around your home. Although it may take a little more effort, baking soda does wonders for cleaning many things from your kitchen sink to your bathtub. Try using newspaper to clean glass. The paper used in newspaper won’t scratch glass and is very efficient in cleaning glass. The stench of vinegar may be nauseating, but its cleaning power is pretty great. Try cleaning a few things with vinegar…with the windows open.

Clean with the windows open. It’s spring! The weather has gotten milder and the wind carries a small breeze. Breathe in the fresh air and not the toxic fumes your cleaner may be releasing. While you’re at it, make sure that your blinds are clean as well. People tend to forget to clean their blinds because of the hassle. Remove the dust, clean your blinds, and feel the wonderful spring weather.

What are your feelings on spring cleaning? Do you have any personal tips to share? 

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  1. Great Tips!! I actually deep cleaned my closet this weekend.. so I will do another area this weekend and love to take new tips to get the job done :-)
  2. Nicole Schuman says
    Great ideas! It's really hard to clean houses because you don't know where will you start. Thank you for sharing this.. Good job!
  3. This is just what I needed to read! Thanks for the tips!! :)
  4. There it really a big difference between the two pictures! :) I am so glad that you have some time on cleaning your room.. I will definitely keep your tips in mind.. Thanks for sharing!
  5. Mrs.Batista says
    The best tips was the Plan your attack strategy.. It is so hard to start cleaning with out a list.. Cleaning will take forever! Thanks for the awesome tips!
  6. Good ifno.; I need it. Starting on the dead zone that is the guest room before the guests arrive, one month to go.
  7. Thanks for the tips! We do spring cleaning and not that cleaning is my favorite thing in the world, but it really makes me feel good to have a nice thorough cleaning done and make everything feel fresh for a renewal. annae07 at aol dot com
  8. Spring cleaning might be a tiresome activity but it is a great stress buster. We can even do this as a family and it can be a form of bonding for us.