If your pet needs it, Mr. Chewy probably carries it! Review

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As part of getting our “homestead” up and running we have been expanding our family quite a bit these past few months with animals. We have one 7 month old Australian Shepherd, two cats, and several chickens and guineas. We want to give our animals the best life possible as they fulfill their responsibilities at our home. A large part of that is feeding them well so they can be healthy. That is why I was SO excited as I browsed Mr. Chewy . They have an ENORMOUS selection of dog and cat food, treats, and toys!

We have gone all natural with our dog food, aka meat and puréed veggie’s, to try to quell his taste for our chickens. (Seems to be working so far.) However, this means that, in addition to tending and feeding four small children in the morning, I have to get the dog’s food ready too. The investment is worth it, but I was SO excited when I found The Honest Kitchen dehydrated dog food. As pure as you will ever get in premade dog food. I chose the meatless variety. Now, all I had to do was rehydrate the veggie’s and add the meat. It has been wonderful! I will for sure get the exact same brand, but with meat for my dog when we are on vacation for a healthy complete meal on the go.

That is only one of the hundreds of options for dog and cat food, not to mention treats and toys. If you own a dog or cat I highly recommend hopping on over to Mr. Chewy. They have so many selections of dry food, wet food, dehydrated food, even freeze dried food for your pet friends.  You’ll get free shipping if your order tops $49, and, with a pet, we all know that’s not hard to do. 🙂

You can also visit Mr. Chewy on Facebook and also on Twitter. And, if you refer a friend they get 10% off their first order and $10 will be donated to an awesome charity!


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  1. I love Mr.Chewy they have a lot of great items up for grabs, at a reasonable price for sure!!
  2. I like Mr Chewy. They have everything it seems and free shipping over 50.00 and that is so easy to do!
  3. Seems like a winner! For everyone.
  4. I am impressed that they carry my cat food, Organix, for a decent price. Cheaper than any other place I have found except Amazon!