Guest Post: Tips for Choosing the Right Daycare

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It is an unfortunate fact of modern life in a modern (faulty) economy that many women, despite how much they’d like to stay home and raise their children, are compelled to enter the workforce.  Other women choose to have a career and contribute to their family in that way.  What ever your family’s choice, if both parents work, it is vital that the family be able to find a good daycare for their children.  The following article is brought to you by Together Family, a nationally distributed Canadian daycare magazine…

Choosing the right daycare can be hard because you want the best for your kids but you’re also struggling with going back to work. You briefly considered staying home with your children and even thought about opening an at home daycare but in the end you know you are career oriented and that work is where you need to be.

So – finding the right daycare is the next big step. It can be an overwhelming time so we’ve compiled the top six things you should be considering on your search:

6 – Food. Especially if you have a child with allergies, but even if you don’t, the type of food served to your child throughout the day is important. You’ll want to check this thoroughly especially if it’s part of the daycare cost because you’ll want to ensure that you’re getting what you pay for.

5 – Qualifications. Maybe it goes without saying, but you’ll definitely want to check the staff’s qualifications. Are they all certified early childhood educators? Do they have up-to-date first aid training? And how long has the center been operating?

4 – The curriculum. Do you want Montessori do you want something more music based? Whatever you might want, do a bit of research and find out what you think best suits your child and your child rearing style at home.

3 – Discipline. This is a tough subject all around but it’s important that discipline (especially with young children) be consistent at home and at daycare. Be sure to ask if they use time outs, if they have a warning system, if they confiscate toys or eliminate recess as punishment. Some of these might not jive with your parenting style and you don’t want to confuse your children.

2 – Communication. How does the staff communicate with each other, with the children and with you? You’ll want to make sure that any news/updates are clearly communicated in an efficient way. Do they have newsletters? Will there be a summary of the days’ events when you pick your children up every evening? Can you call any time when you have questions? An open communication policy is very important to making sure you’ll find a good fit. You’ll also want to know that when your child’s teachers change shifts or leave for the day that any important concerns are passed along among staff for consistency with your child.

1 – The Vibe. How it feels to you and your family is the most important consideration when choosing the right daycare for your family. Go with your gut because in the end you’ll feel what’s right for you.


Good luck with your search and for more information on daycares, finding the right childcare for your family and the everyday challenges (and joys!) of being a working parent, visit


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  1. Great post for working moms!
  2. I think this is really important to every mom especially if they are working...
  3. Discipline and communication are so important. I've had bad issues with this when my older children were in daycare. Another thing I'm concerned about this time around is how the center is with me coming in to nurse my son throughout the day.