Guest Post: Planning a Slumber Party For Your Child

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Slumber parties are always exciting times for children, and planning them properly could lead to a memory that your child and their friends will not easily forget. Girls love slumber parties, and having friends to sleep over at the house is often a highlight of the week for them. If it’s your daughter’s birthday, and she’s specifically asked for a slumber party this year, here are some tips to help you plan the perfect party.

Be careful how many of her friends you allow to sleep over. You could let her invite all her friends to the party and then limit the number of people allowed to stay later on into the night. Make sure you arrange for their parents to pick them up the following day – you’ll feel less stressed if you know that all arrangements for the children being collected the next day are in place.

Before deciding how many people you are allowing your daughter to invite to sleep over, ensure that you have all the necessary sleeping arrangements. If your daughter has her own room, there may only be one bed; however, if she has a set of bunk beds, you already have one extra bed for one of the guests. Similarly, some bunk beds that only have one bed can convert so that they have two – these are very popular with parents and children. If you’re struggling to find enough beds for your daughter’s friends, ask their parents if they have any spare sleeping bags or camp beds that their daughters can bring along with them to the party. This will take some of the stress away from you, as you won’t have to worry about providing all the beds. All you will need to do is make sure that there’s enough space for all the beds in the bedroom.


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  1. I loved having sleepovers as a child and now my daughter does too! i agree that there should be a limit as to the number, but i wouldn't have my daughter invite friends over for a party and then only let some sleep over- you just know some of them will spill the beans and the other could feel left out and hurt. i'd let her invite a couple friends and then let them all sleep over. annae07 at aol dot com