A more natural way to bathe your baby, Johnson’s Naturals – Review

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For the past couple years I’ve been trying to replace many of the products we use in our house with more natural counterparts. As I learn more and more about the potential toxins and other unnecessary chemicals in many of the household and personal care products that we regularly use, I realize how important it is that we use natural products when we can.

The Johnson & Johnson brand is trying to make it easier for the average consumer to do just that.  I can’t tell you how thrilled I am when a brand I already purchase comes out with a natural version of their products.

JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® product line is formulated with a unique combination of 98% natural ingredients, our NO MORE TEARS® Formula and proprietary ALLERFREE™, an allergen-free fragrance consisting of a clean, natural scent rooted in our ingredients. Natural oils gently cleanse and hydrate, while helping to nourish baby’s skin.  The core product line consists of three products: JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® HEAD-TO-TOE® Baby Wash, JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Baby Shampoo and JOHNSON’S® NATURAL® Baby Lotion. The products are designed to be gentle enough for newborns, contain no essential oils, and are paraben-free, dye-free, allergen-free and dermatologist tested.

I first saw Johnson’s Natural Head-to-Tow Baby Wash in the drug store about 6 months ago and decided to give it a go.  My boys (who are not babies ;))were out of body wash and whatever they had in the drugstore I was going to get.  You know from previous posts that my youngest suffers from eczema so I have to be careful that I don’t just use any soap to wash him.  I was thrilled when I found Johnson’s Natural Baby Wash on the shelf.  I read the ingredients and was satisfied.

We’ve now been using the baby wash on my boys for almost 6 months.  It is nice and gentle on their skin.  My four year old had eczema when he littler, and though it has mostly gone away he still has dry bumpy upper arms.  I wouldn’t say that this has helped clear up the eczema, but it has certainly prevented it from getting worse.  Some kids body washes can really dry out the skin, but Johnson’s Naturals does not.

I like it comes in a pump bottle, but I have to say that the pump needs to be improved.  It hardly pumps out anything!  Even if you were washing a little, tiny baby, you’d still have to pump the bottle two or three times to get the right amount of foaming wash for the one area you are washing.  That translates to 5 or 6 pumps per area of kid you are washing…not so great.

The Johnson’s Natural Baby Shampoo is very similar in ingredients to the Head-to-Tow Foaming baby wash.  I’m guessing the only difference is the concentration as the Baby Shampoo is in a non-pump bottle. I also really liked the Johnson’s Natural Baby Lotion.  Once again, the ingredients are 98% natural and formulated specifically for baby’s sensitive skin.

The Johnson’s Natural line retails for $4.59 each for a 9-10 oz. bottle (insert “yay!” here–finally a natural alternative that is affordable!), and can be found at drug stores and mass-market stores (like your local grocery store). 🙂  Oh, and if you weren’t already convinced how good Johnson’s Naturals is, I thought I’d let you know that they recently won the 2012 Better Homes and Gardens Best New Product Award!

Visit Johnson’s Naturals online to find tips on how to help your family live more naturally, and to find money saving coupons for Johnson’s Natural products.

What does your family do to try to live more naturally?

Disclosure: I wrote this review while participating in a campaign by Mom Central Consulting on behalf of Johnson’s Naturals, and received a product sample to facilitate my review and a promotional item to thank me for participating.





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  1. Thanks for the information I did not know that Johnsons introduced a Natural line.
  2. We live more naturally by composting, cloth diapering, line drying our clothes (when we can), and by making our own cleaners. We are trying to make less waste when we can. Maybe someday we can not use papertowels or disposable napkins. But right now we have to much laundry as is :)
  3. I pretty much love baby Johnson's products and have used and still do on my daughter's. Now, that I have a little one on the way, it will be even better. Thanks for sharing.
  4. I like the Johnson's All Natural Line too. It smells so great and is so gentle. We try to live more naturally by recycling and trying to cut down on chemicals in the products we used.
  5. i love the regular line for my baby and now this! i love using natural/organic baby products so i'll def give these a try! thx for the review annae07 at aol dot com
  6. I agree with you. I just love how this product works! It has a natural and mild scent. I highly recommend it to any moms looking for a natural skin care product that is best for babies and for moms too. Thanks for sharing! :)
  7. I love the J&J line! I used to use the lavender wash when my kids were little. Wish they had this natural version back then!
  8. First, we love Johnson's products. As far as living more naturally, we are eating less boxed food and more fresh produce.
  9. Can't go wrong with J&J!
  10. Thank you so much for this review. I am looking for a new Naturals line to use (my favorite is only available in some Target stores, but not those near me), and I am going to try this!!
  11. Since I was a baby Johnson and johnsons product is what my mom is using for me. It still retains its use after I gave birth to my son. I too been using it on my baby.
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