A Balanced Pregnancy Diet

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When first learn you are pregnant the last thing you probably think about immediately is your diet. You will want to tell everyone possible your good news, well, maybe after three months, and planning what you are going to do with the nursery in your house! Taking a step back from all the excitement and thinking about you and baby is extremely important, and one of the first steps that you can begin to think about is your diet. Providing yourself and your baby with a balanced diet is vital, and can really help you through your pregnancy.

First Steps

First steps first, and remember the reasons why you are doing this! The healthier and fitter you are during pregnancy, the easier your body will be able to cope with the changes that it is going through. It will also increase the chances of you giving birth to a healthy child, and that is the most important thing of all. Only a few changes in our diet can lead to us giving birth to a perfectly healthy baby, and for the sacrifice of a few takeaways, this must be a sacrifice worth making.

What should I do?

So what exactly should you be eating if you want a balanced diet? It is really important that your diet takes in all of the main food groups and there are guidelines that doctors and nutritionists will love to tell you about as they find out about your pregnancy. It is important to think about this once you start noticing the first pregnancy symptoms.  Aiming for around five portions of fruit and veg a day can help, and ensuring that you get good amounts of carbohydrates, protein and dairy products helps. Remember that sugar and fats are not necessarily good for you, so trying to limit the intake of these groups will help you get healthier far quicker. So perhaps that big chocolate bar you have every single day could be replaced by a banana, hard I know, but you wont regret it!

Adding and Subtracting

Remember to add folic acid to your diet, this is really important for your baby. It will help your baby develop with a largely reduced chance of developing spina bifida and other such neural tube defects. Adding Vitamin B12 will also help to develop the your baby’s brain. Whilst adding things into your diet is important, so are removing things you may enjoy. Caffeine should be limited, it is not good for your baby, but small amounts are OK, try and limit it to 3 cups of tea or coffee a day! And then of course there is the question of alcohol, it’s best if you just cut it out completely, and the same goes for smoking!

The most important thing to remember is that all of these will help you and your baby. Don’t limit yourself too much, you can still enjoy the things you love, but in moderation! The chocolate you love, or that big greasy burger might seem appealing, but it you regularly have them try and cut them down. For the sake of a change for nine months you can be sure that your body, and your baby, will appreciate it. Taking little steps can make your pregnancy flow far more smoothly than it would do otherwise, and remember we’re not asking for miracles, just a little help for your baby!


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  1. are you preggo? what are you not telling your adoring fans? LOL
  2. I remember being SO concerned about my diet when I was pregnant. I should go back to that way of eating now...I would be a lot healthier!
    • I did so well with my first pregnancy. I worked a lot, and I worked with kids so I didn't have the chance to snack very often. When I did snack I had to make sure it was stuff that wouldn't be very appealing to them so they wouldn't ask for some. I also didn't crave anything sweet. My second pregnancy, however, was a different story. I couldn't get enough chocolate (which I don't normally enjoy when I'm not pregnant)! I was a SAHM during that pregnancy so I had almost unlimited access to food. Needless to say I gained a little more weight the second time around.
  3. During my first pregnancy I was so sick I couldn't eat anything for the first four months. I lived on mashed potatoes. I couldn't even take vitamins because I was so ill. Thankfully, after the first four months I was able to eat healthy foods.
    • Thankfully your body is pretty good at pulling from it's own resources in times of scarcity. I guess in cases like yours it is extra important to eat healthy once you are feeling better. That way your body can replenish itself.
  4. during the first ENTIRE trimester i was so sick! it was impossible to eat a balanced diet! i really worried since i know thats one of the most important times for growth, thankfully my precious baby boy was born healthy. i made sure to eat really well after-although i did/do still have my desserts. exercise is also extremely important and both these 2 together allowed me to lose all my pregnancy weight in 3 months! :) annae07 at aol dot com
    • Yeah, there are a very few lucky women who can stomach eating well during the first trimester. I think it is important that you're healthy before you get pregnant and then, once you're feeling better, to eat as healthy as you can so that your body can replenish the nutrients it has given to the baby.
  5. Well, now that I am pregnant, I have to watch what I eat, but I can truly tell you it is hard. But I am trying to eat healthy though which really helps quite a bit. Thanks for sharing.
  6. Interesting info, good to know that you can still have at least a little coffee while pregnant, LOL!
  7. My sister is going through her first pregnancy. I am eager to assist in how to make the process convenient for her. I really appreciate knowing that it does not have to be complicated and having a balance diet is effective.
  8. It is so funny how pregnancies differ. First one I couldn't eat anything and when I did it was not great. Second I was starving all the time for veggies. I couldn't get enough :) The best advice from me is eating those small meals every 2 hours. Definitely a life saver and I had so much more energy that way