Yum Yum Dishes: Portion Control Bowls and Plates – Review plus Discount Code

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How many people out there have put on those dreaded additional pounds either from the holidays or maybe a little baby weight? Or do you just have the New Years Resolution to loose some weight? Well, I can answer yes to all of those actually! Yes, I am pregnant but I have gained way too much weight this time around. Plus with the holidays it is always so hard to keep my snacking under control when there are so many yummy treats to eat! Well there is this great company out there called Yum Yum Dishes that created these awesome little bowls and plates to help with portion control. Their moto is “It’s all about Moderation not Deprivation.” That way you can still eat your favorite things but in moderation. You don’t have to cut everything out of your diet entirely!

Did you know that a typical dinner plate is 11″-13″? This makes it so much easier to load it up and over eat with your meals. So at Yum Yum they have designed a 9 inch dinner plate to help keep correctly sized portion’s.

Yum Yum Bowls
Who has ever opened up a bag of chips or pretzels and grabbed a handful only to have gone back to the pantry for another handful? I definitely have. Well these cute 4 oz bowls are the perfect size to fill up once and then your done. They even have the cutest little saying printed around the bowl. It says “Yum Yum time is…” and then on the bottom it has printed “Over”. It is such a great motivator that you got your little snack and now your done! The idea is that you can fit your snack inside to enjoy but to not over eat. Just like with the 9Plate they believe in moderation and not deprivation.

I was able to try out the Yum Yum bowls and honestly when I first opened up the box and saw how little the bowls were I was a little disappointed. How was I supposed to fit anything in there? Well after getting them out and trying them I have to say they are the perfect size!

No matter what you put in it, they are the perfect size! You eat your little treat and then you are done. It’s nice to have something to keep your portions in control. Usually I just eat pretzels out of the bag or I fill up a whole cereal bowl. I wouldn’t know how much I had eaten tell I had eaten too much! I actually love these little bowls and I’m hoping that I can control my portion sizes and quickly lose all my baby weight once the baby gets here. No more excuses like I’m nursing so I can eat more!

My one thought with the yum yum bowls were that I actually thought they were a little big for my kids. I filled them up and realized that the serving was way too much. So now I just put a little in the bowl so they don’t get too much. Also they are so great because they each come with a lid. This is so nice to put a snack in and then I can throw them in my purse and off we go. Perfect for on the go!  Oh and did I mention they were dishwasher safe!  That is really a must for me so these are amazing!

If your like me and want a little help losing those extra pounds you should definitely check out Yum Yum Dishes. Like them on facebook and follow them on Twitter!  They have also offered Oh So Savvy Mom readers a discount code! You can purchase their dishes at 20% off by using the code SAVVY (all caps) from now until Jan 24th 2012.   So go check them out!

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  1. I love bowls with lids! So much more ecofriendly than plastic bags! These look great, thanks for sharing!
  2. love these! i need them to help me lose my baby weight!
  3. These bowls are so cool. I try to do the same thing, using salad plates instead of dinner sized plates to keep my portions in check...and I'm finally down to my target weight (yahoo), well for a minute since I just found out I'm pregnant AGAIN! ;-)
  4. I love these Yum Yum bowls. They are the perfect size for snacking and do help with portion control.
  5. New to the page thank you
  6. I actually have a Yum Yum bowl and while it does look small...it is the perfect size! I think we are just used to humongous portions so when we see something so small we go..."what???!!" I think it is a great idea though!
  7. portion control is so important!
  8. Dino Rock Mom says
    Wow, I love the 4 oz bowls! I'm a total believer in portion control. My family could really benefit from these dishes!
  9. courtney b says
    these are so cute! i love these bowls!
  10. These are on my list - it would make calorie counting a lot easier if you could just scoop it out in a little bowl instead of weighing every single thing!