Wordless Wednesday – Our Trip to Fort Worth

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I’ve said it before, I LOVE Fort Worth.  My aunt and my sister live in the Arlington area so I like to take the boys up for a visit whenever I can.  I had another sister driving through Dallas with her kids so I decided to pack up the boys and head up to meet up with everyone.  The hubs stayed home and got some great work done on his dissertation.

Here is a bit of our trip…

Downtown Fort Worth

The boys got to make their own pizzas at Uno’s

“Howdy from Fort Worth, Texas” At the Fire Station No.1 Museum

Experimenting with flight at the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

The “dosauren”. Little Brother’s favorite part of the museum.

He also loved taking care of the babies in the mock hospital.

Bath time!

After the museum we went to the Fort Worth Stock Show. Big Brother loved it, but his cousin, who thought the stock yards a stinky place, was not impressed.  By the way, did you know you can fit 3 kids on a Joovy caboose? Oh yeah, that’s 120 lbs. of kid right there.  I got a workout.


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  1. What a fun trip! I used to love Uno's up in Chicago. You took some great photos!
  2. aw...so adorable photos! love them all. Ft. Worth seems like a nice place to visit.
  3. what fun for all of you!!
  4. That looks like a great trip! I have NEVER been to Uno's, so jealous now.
  5. Do you live in Texas? We're from the Dallas area. It's always nice to see familiar photos on other blogs. Happy WW from Jordyn @ The Green House. New follower via GFC, Google +, FB, and Twitter.
  6. Great pictures! I especially Love the "dosauren"!! Aloha! Mrs. Marine & the Tiny Troops
  7. It looks like you had a lot of fun! You can view my WW here: http://su.pr/45TIxd Have a wonderful afternoon!
  8. that looks like one fun trip!!! I have always wanted to go, and through your pics I know I am missing out!! Love the dinosaur photo!!!!
  9. Looks like a fun trip! I wish we had fun places like that to go close by to where we live!
  10. courtney b says
    how fun! i love the pic of the horse!
  11. Julie W. says
    It looks like so much fun to go to Fort Worth. I liked the sites and this the Mock Hospital is a fun place to take the kids. I like the Cow lying down and the big dinosaur photo!!!
  12. David Fultner says
    I love going to the stock yards in Ft Worth.
  13. My sister lives in Fort Worth Texas, and we have seen so many places when we visited this past year, the places are so fun and exciting. We loved the parks.
  14. I have never been to Texas. I would love to go someday. Thank you for sharing.