Wordless Wednesday – Am I a Man, or am I a Muppet? #Muppets

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I managed to catch Big Brother belting out his new favorite song while in the car the other day. 🙂




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  1. This is one of our favorite songs too!!! So cute.
  2. I love that! Haha. Keep up the great singing, Big Brother. We miss living in your basement and seeing you all the time.
    • LOL, do you miss living in our basement, or seeing us all the time? Actually, to tell the truth, I really miss that house and all it's old charm. (And I miss Utah grass. Funny thing to miss, but there you have it.)
  3. oh too stinkin cute! what a little showman!
  4. this is so funny! What a cutie! We loved the movie too.
  5. I love this!! So cute - A very manly muppet indeed!
  6. That is too cute. Would love for you to stop by and share http://totsandme.blogspot.com/2012/01/wordless-wednesday-january-18-2012.html
  7. Funny and so cute! Thank's for sharing:) Visiting for Wordless Wednesday! Hope you can stop by:) http://www.cassandrasminicorner.com/2012/01/wordless-wednesday-my-girl-and-minnie-mouse.html
  8. Thats very cute! Not at all camera shy is he? Mine always stops as soon as he sees the camera!
  9. Precieous. Simply precious. :)
  10. hubs loves this LOL
  11. Very good singer big brother. You will be the tutor of your to your little siblings.