We are very happy to have our little guy back! – #WW

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Last week’s (not so) Wordless Wednesday’s post mentioned what a little monster Little Brother can be when he is not feeling well.  Just when The Husband and I had gone through all our files to see if we had any sort of warranty on this child, and were at the brink of insanity, our little guy came back.  Gone is the whiney, tantruming, grumpy gremlin!  I am rejoicing!

We still have our work cut out for us with this little guy, but I think the pictures below illustrate how he’s feeling now. 🙂


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  1. Awww! He is being sweet. It is so hard when they are under the weather. You feel so sorry for them... and yourself!
  2. Betty Baez says
    I can relate lol.....he's a cutie!!!
  3. "looked to see if we had a warranty"...that made me laugh!
  4. I cant be around moms worrying about their child's. If it even possible i believe i feel worse than them.:/
  5. So cute and he is very sweet to his Dad. When there is something bad happen to our child Moms are very much worried because they knows how it hurts to see the child suffer from pain.