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College is becoming more and more expensive every year.  The rate at which tuition is rising far outstrips the rate of inflation or the rate of rising wages.  Each semester students and their parents not only face the blow that tuition will strike, but they also have to face the large sum that purchasing textbooks will claim.

The last few years of my college experience I paid my own way (with the help of a pell grant).  Despite the fact that I always bought used text books when they were available, I would usually end up spending between $300-$400.  Oy!  Times have changed, however, and there are now easy, and much less expensive ways, to get your textbooks. is one such way.  Knowing that most students will never use their textbooks again, and that many have to sell them back at the end of the semester to help pay for their books the following semester, Campus Book Rentals has come up with a very convenient way to rent your textbooks.  Okay, easy might be an understatement.  The search option makes finding your books extremely simple.  You can search by IBSN, author, title, or keyword.  You then rent your books for however long you need them (semester, term, etc.), and pay a small rental fee (a fraction of the list price).

Here are some of the other perks:

  • Free Shipping both ways
  • You can highlight in your book
  • You have a 30 day window to return your books (in case you decide to drop a class)
  • Largest selection in the nation

I had one of my sisters, who is currently in college, go on Campus Book Rental’s site and see if she could find her books.  A few of her classes had books that were published on a small scale, by the University, for her particular class so those weren’t on the site.  The remainder of the books she needed were currently unavailable.  I also looked up some general education courses to find a lot of the books were already taken.  This is likely because many universities are starting back this week.  Lesson: make sure you don’t wait til classes have already started to order your books.  If you’re prepared and rent your textbooks ahead of time, will work great for you or your college student.

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  1. That is such a great you I had to buy all my books and it was awful! Buy them for 60 or 75...return at the end of the semester for 5! Thanks for sharing this!
  2. This is a great idea that I will recommend to students I know to check out.
  3. as an eternal student, i love anything that will save me some dough! LOL
  4. Betty Baez says
    Wow good to know I'll be starting school next year and saving money any way I can is important thank you!
  5. I have a daughter who is leaving for college soon and this is a great option.
  6. Textbook renting is indeed a great way to save money from buying textbooks that you only use them for 1 semester. I also rent book from Campus Book Rentals and it is a great textbook rental sites with great service!