Peer into your imagination, Kaleidoscopes to You – Review

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Did you ever have a kaleidoscope when you were a kid?  I did.  I remember sitting next to the window, holding it up to the light, and turning it to see the shapes inside transform into all sorts of beautiful geometric figures.  When I received an email recently asking if I’d like to review a kaleidoscope I was thrilled.  I knew my kids were going to love it.  What a wonderful keepsake it would make!

Kaleidoscopes to You sent us their Laminated Solid Wood Teleidoscope to review.  If you have absolutely no idea what a teleidoscope is (I certainly didn’t). A teleidoscope is a kaleidoscope that, instead of having beads or shapes in the lens, has a clear lens cut in a way so that as you peer into it you see patterns formed from the things around you.  Here is more from the Kaleidoscopes To You website:

The beauty of a teleidoscope is that you are only limited by your own imagination. Any object can come into focus under your lens. There are thousands of beautiful kaleidoscopic patterns that can be formed by simply pointing your gaze in their direction.

I mentioned above that I thought my kids would love it, but I didn’t anticipate my husband’s reaction.  As soon as I took it out of the box to show him he liked it so much he claimed it for his own! He says it will look great in his future office. 😉

Let me just tell you, the photo on the website doesn’t nearly do the kaleidoscope justice.  The woodwork is very beautiful, and it does look nice and masculine,  so, ladies, if you are looking for a little something different to give to your husband for Valentines’ Day or his birthday might I recommend a nice kaleidoscope.  You can even add a brass nameplate with an engraving.

Kaleidoscopes to You has gifts for her and for kids too!

I wouldn’t mind if The Husband gave me this beautiful kaleidoscope necklace for Valentine’s Day.

This cool kaleidoscope is a “create your own”. Kids can put beads, or other little things in the dome and make their own kaleidoscopic creations.

One thing I really liked about the website is that there is a short video clip about each product on it’s respective product page.  It really helps you get a good idea of exactly what the product is and how it functions before you decide to buy.

You can purchase the Laminated Solid Wood Teleidoscope for $39.99 at

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  1. What unique and beautiful kaleidoscopes!
  2. That is so cool i have always been amazed at the colors and designs of Kaleidoscopes i really love that you can make your own that would make me enjoy it so much more thanks for sharing
  3. I have always loved Kaleidoscopes. This would be a neat gift.
  4. what a unique item! Put that on the coffee table and it is a great conversation piece next time you have company!