Naturally Fresh, All Natural Deodorant and Personal Care – Review

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As you know from quite a few of my previous posts.  Our family is trying to simplify our lives with more natural products.  I definitely wouldn’t consider us granola or eco-friendly fanatics, but, rather, just “kinda crunchy”.  If I find a more eco-friendly, natural alternative to a product I currently use, I like to give it a try and see if it works for me and my family.  We’ve switched many of our household chemical based cleaners, to naturally derived cleaners. We use cloth diapers and cloth pull-ups for our boys.  So, then what about our own (my husband’s and mine) personal care?

Hmm…I’ve considered before switching to some more natural products, but remember, I’m only “kinda crunchy”.  That means I can still be hesitant to try a more natural alternative that will, in the long run, probably be healthier for me.  Well, I took the plunge.  Okay, I admit, it wasn’t anything major, rather it was simple, easy, inexpensive, etc.

The Husband and I started using some of the Naturally Fresh product line including, Naturally Fresh- Crystal Fragrance Free Roll-On Deodorant.  Naturally Fresh- Crystal Roll-on Deodorant is “100% pure and natural, freeing your body of harmful toxins found in conventional deodorants and antiperspirants, making them safe for the entire family.” *Let me just make a little note that, though there is really no conclusive research that antiperspirants are harmful to your body, this is one of those things where I’d rather be safe and simply not use something that could be harmful.

Most of you have heard of deodorant rocks or deodorant crystals, right?  Well, Naturally Fresh- Crystal Roll-on Deodorant is the convenient roll-on version of those.  What did we think of Naturally Fresh?

I’d never really used a roll-on deodorant before.  I had to get used to the wet feeling when putting it on, but that didn’t take very long.  I tend to sweat a lot under my arms even when I’m not being physically active.  I find that the deodorizing effects last about half a day for me.  Then, if I want to be stink free, I need to reapply.  The same is true of the Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal which we are also using.  The Husband, on the other hand, can go all day and not have to reapply.  He smells nice and fresh at the end of the day. –That’s not fair, he’s a man!  Shouldn’t that be the other way around?– I love, though that it does not irritate my underarms like my other deodorant with antiperspirant does!  As a note for those undergoing cancer treatment, in reading the Naturally Fresh testimonial page I found out that oncologists frequently recommend Naturally Fresh Deodorant to cancer patients undergoing radiation because it reduces the chances of a skin reaction.

Naturally Fresh also makes several other products including their deodorant is spray form and wide stick, foot spray–it’s a natural foot deodorizer that helps fight and protect against athletes foot– and lip balm.  We haven’t yet had occasion to try the foot spray, but this will come in handy during the summer months when I like to wear my shoes without socks. 🙂

The Naturally Fresh Deodorant Crystal Roll-On is now available at several retailers including at Walmart for only $2.97!  That is super inexpensive for an all natural deodorant.

You can keep up with the latest from Naturally Fresh on their facebook page.


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  1. That's awesome! Thanks for the review. I do get concerned with the aluminum in antiperspirants. Aluminum builds up in the body and isn't good for you. I made my own deodorant with coconut oil, baking soda, and cornstarch, but even that is irritating after a while. I want to try this deodorant, and I especially want to try the foot deodorizer, since I rarely wear socks!
    • Wow, I'm pretty impressed that you made your own deodorant. The coconut oil sounds like a good idea since it is anti bacterial and anti fungal. I love that this stuff is both convenient to use and convenient to buy.
  2. I am trying Naturally Fresh right now and I like it. I especially like that cancer patients can use it without a skin reaction. I have so many people in our family that have cancer this is good to know.
  3. i have not had luck with that in the past- but never tired this brand- thanks for the idea, now i'll give it a go :)
  4. Thanks, Amy! I love getting to hear about so many great ideas from you and Kar. I think I'm a bit crunchy too. haha I just may try that and Karlyn might like to hear about the foot spray if she hasn't already since Lily tends to have foot infection problems. <3 you!
  5. I have used this brand and love it. I have allergies to certain chemicals used in personal hygiene products but I am able to use these. These are great for me.
  6. I recently switched to a natural deodorant and have been very happy. I think it is important to watch out for the types of things we apply to our skin since so much of it is absorbed!
  7. I've actually been looking for a new deodorant and had never considered something like this. I honestly didn't even know this deodorant was available. Awesome review and I'm putting this down on my next shopping trip to give it a try :)
  8. This would be great for me i very sensitive skin knowing that it is 100% pure and natural is great ,plus i am looking to go a little more green this year .Thanks for sharing this
  9. Good to know that it's mild on sensitive skin!
  10. Hi Amy, Lavilin ( has recently come out with a roll-on alternative to their underarm creams, and it is wonderful!! If you ever feel like experimenting with a new product, Lavilin should be the one :)